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    New goals take you out of your comfort zone, and confronts your self-doubts, bringing out the best and the worst in you. These moments of not knowing what to do, what decision to make … might make you feel lost, without knowing what direction to take, you might have to face failures, misunderstanding, criticism and envy…but…this is a part of living. It is the cost you pay when you decide to do something different to better your life. Take it as a normal process, that allows you to grow as a person, becoming stronger, more confident and authentic … As long as you allow yourself to open up to the challenge.

    According to our spiritual knowledge, life is a process full of difficulties, because only in this way can we learn and grow, only in this way do we evolve. If you take the process of new challenges as an opportunity for growth, all those ups and downs will take you much higher in achieving your life goals. It is not about reaching the goal at all costs. It is rather a gradual process, and spirituality teaches us that life itself is the process. What spirituality can provides us with is to detach ourselves from just waiting for the result to come.

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    Do not be desperate to see immediate results, since this often makes us give up, become disillusioned with our projects and no longer give the best of ourselves. If we can start from the premise that attachment does not make us happy, because it keeps us slaves of a number, recognition, fame or simply survival … in the end we will have been advancing in the right direction. Realize that what is really important is the process and arm yourself with patience when working towards the desired results, without losing sight of them, this is the key.

    Spirituality is the blend of detachment and practicality, it is this combination that we need to achieve balance, as dificult as this might seem to be. By contributing, and adding value to your personal environment (without expecting something immediately in return) you will be in tune with the spiritual laws that govern the Universe.

    Contribution is one of the highest spiritual needs of the human being. If we position ourselves for this, we will have a more spiritual/material reality balance, which should include giving to others and seek above all to bring the best values to the maximum number of people. And remember, this does not necessarrily depend on the results. Let your knowledge be felt by others, then the results you seek will come just after the detachment and the contribution are put in place without looking a priori, the results will come from applying detachment without seeking anything in return.

    We attract what vibrates with us. That is, if I vibrate in scarcity, I will attract scarcity. If I vibrate in fear, I will attract more fear. If I vibrate in abundance, in gratitude and open myself to the world, bringing the best of myself, I will attract more of that positive energy. An abundance mentality every day, allows one to be more relaxed, more confident and above all to act from a more solid position, less needy, more open.

    Many people who consider themselves successful in the world of personal development have opted to develop the abundance mentality. They are not at odds with material success, they do not consider it a bad thing since they work from the heart, from their truth and maintain very clear that the right people reach them at the right time.

    Confidence is an antidote to the need of trying to control the entirety of situations. Everything happens for a reason in this life, and we are often unaware of that reason. Everything comes when it has to. Leaving that control that we so often seek, allowing ourselves to flow through life is another of the options that spirituality teaches us. When we see no results, and it seems that everything is going from bad to worse … the only thing that can keep us afloat is faith and trust. Without that confidence, in that, you are not clear how, but clear that it will work out in the end.

    Another great attribute of spirituality is the power of gratitude. Be grateful for what you already have, which is more than you often think, and what you still don’t have and even what you have and you don’t like it that much, such as problems, difficulties, obstacles, people you don’t get along with, etc. If you see life from the prism that everything is here for your sake,  then your perspective totally changes in a positive way, as long as you stick with visualizations and gratitude for thriving ahead.

    It is very important not to confuse detachment with doing nothing and expecting everything to happen simply by wishing or visualizing it. You must put in the effort, the hard work, the positive energy.  Human beings in the current times live increasingly disconnected from intuition and let ourselves be carried away by metrics, analytics, pre-made formulas, but remember, each person is unique, each project is unique. Sometimes we don’t understand why, but that same formula that works for many people doesn’t work for us. Or the other way around: we do something very different from the established standards and suddenly we get unexpected results. You must feel, perceive, sense, let yourself be guided by intuition. Remember  that each person is different, and it is impossible to use the same methodology with everyone. Intuition also shows things that you do not have to pay attention to.

    Thanks to spirituality and to situations that disappoint you with negative energies like criticism, envy, thanks to all this, you can learned to deal much better with less pleasant or conflictive situations. From a spiritual point of view, you must understand that these (negative) situations come into your life because you have something to heal, to solve. People, both the ones you love and the ones you don’t, are actually mirrors, they teach you what you don’t see in yourself. From this point this is a great learning process that make you a better person.

    In conclusion, the spiritual path allows you to connect with your vital purpose. To be really successful in your goals, your life must have clear purposes, your mission in life is what will give it the true meaning.

    Daniel Yepez
    Spiritual Entrepreneur Columnist
    Relocate to beach work remote
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