Costa Rica Among the best places in the World to Retire

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    A new report from the editors at reveals the countries in the world with the best climate, the top performers in the Climate category of IL’s newly released Annual Global Retirement Index. With great weather year-round, expats well-priced locals report that they can be more outside, feel healthier, appear younger, and not miss the snow.

    The countries with the best climate in the world offer year-round sunshine and a variety of options when it comes to climate, from warm coastal areas to moderate temperatures and spring all year round.

    To arrive at the winning scenarios in the Climate category of the Annual Global Annual Retirement Index, the editors collected and evaluated data to include temperature, rainfall and humidity, and also took into account anecdotal contributions from expats and correspondents living in the specific communities being evaluated

    “Climate is one of the most important considerations for a retiree thinking about where to settle abroad. At International Living, we sometimes call this the ‘Goldilocks’ category of our annual index,”  says Jennifer Stevens, Executive Editor of International Living, referring to IL’s Global Retirement Index, which each year ranks 24 countries in a dozen categories,


    The weather as priority

    “That’s because what is right for one person may not be right for the next,” Stevens says. “Some people prefer hot and humid places, like what you would find on the beach in Costa Rica. “The good news is that in the best retirement shelters in the world, you have great options when it comes to the weather. And that means no matter what you prefer, you can find a good-value location that offers it, and permanently trash the snow shovel, coat, and window scraper.”

    Costa Rica

    Although Costa Rica is the size of West Virginia, it has a wide range of different climates, so there really is something for everyone. “The weather is absolutely perfect in Costa Rica. I can say for sure because, with 12 microclimates within the country, no matter what your definition of a “perfect” climate is, you can find it here”, says John Michael Arthur, IL Costa Rica Central Valley correspondent.

    “Do you like it warmer? Live near the beach? Like it cooler? Live in the mountains? More rain, less rain? It’s all yours here. If you want a stable mid-70s temperature all the time, we have it. If you prefer a little more variation, there is a place in Costa Rica for you”.


    Jackie Minchillo, IL Costa Rica Correspondent, lives on the Pacific coast with her husband, Junior. She enjoys the constant sunshine of Tamarindo. “I am a lover of sunlight and, having grown up in Michigan and then living in Chicago as an adult, winter was all over us. Living in Costa Rica on the beach, I watch the sunrise almost every day of the year: I don’t have a coat anymore and I don’t even have to put on a pair of jeans unless I’m going to town and also go to the mountains on weekends. When it rains here, it feels refreshing.

    “My favorite thing, in general, I would say is that you never need to check the weather outside. All you need to own here is a pair of shorts, a tank top, and a pair of flip flops,” she concludes.

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