Advertising in Times of Pandemic: Necessary or Indispensable?

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    The Pandemic has triggered an unprecedented health crisis and without a doubt, the economy has been considerably shocked. Companies that have allocated a fixed budget to advertisement, today wonder if it is correct to maintain this expense or give priority to others that they consider more important.

    On the other hand, we see companies that through advertising continue to be present in the consumer’s mind and have taken advantage of the situation we live in today, to change their strategy and, therefore, the way they communicate and project themselves to their different audiences.

    For experts on the subject, there is no doubt that we are facing important changes in the creative and advertising processes. Attentive to this situation, they recommend to promote the participation of professionals in the subject, in order to contribute to issues of interest to the sector.

    Here we share 6 key points for the new era of “Advertising in Times of Pandemic”:

    1) Generate valuable content. In times of pandemic, mass hysteria has affected in a negative manner, but in these opportunities we can take advantage of this. It is important not to use fear as a sales engine, we must be creative and through valuable content generate organic traffic on all digital platforms, not only on social networks but also on the web site and why not, share it through blogs and news portals.

    2) Know how to direct the pattern. It is quite common to assume that because we are guiding, we are exponentiating our reach to future clients, this is not entirely true. A well-channeled guideline in traditional and digital media can bring better results in the short term, for this we must be clear about our target group and the differentiating value of our service / company

    3) Positioning. Having a long-term positioning strategy is key; It is normal to want to have results in the moment and to focus advertising for momentary results (increases in sales, demand for a product or service), but we must not leave aside what are the long-term objectives of our company, to ensure that efforts be efficient at all times.

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    4) Build strong and lasting bonds. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of marketing and advertising is to generate emotional bonds and strong and lasting relationships between brands and people. This is no longer just Top of Mind, it is Top of Heart. And these cannot simply be called buyers or consumers… they are true fans!

    5) Removing advertising will not always save money. Reducing or eliminating the advertising budget during a crisis is a misunderstood savings. Employers probably prioritize the payment of payroll, which of course is very important. But it is also key to understand that leaving advertising completely can cause you to lose contact with the customer and therefore sales fall to a low.

    6) Continue to pay benefits even if you stop selling. A good media mix is ​​the key. Despite the fact that, in urban areas, we increasingly consume information through digital platforms, it is important to understand that this does not apply to the reality of our country; because not all Ticos have access to data to access news portals. A good media mix: traditional media (TV, radio, written press), digital media (news portals, digital specialized magazines) and social networks) is key to achieving an excellent outreach.

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