In recent months, domestic tourism has become a lifeline for many destinations in the face of the collapse of international tourist flows. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reviews some of the initiatives implemented by countries to stimulate domestic demand. These include actions focused on marketing and promotion, as well as financial incentives.

Italy: the Bonus Vacanze initiative offers families with incomes of up to 40,000 euros contributions of up to 500 euros to spend on internal tourism accommodation (The lesson from Italy: a vacation bonus for 2020).

Malaysia:allocated $ 113 million (€ 95.2 million) in travel discount vouchers, as well as a personal tax break of up to $ 227 (€ 191) for expenses related to domestic tourism.

Costa Rica: moved all holidays in 2020 and 2021 to Mondays so that Costa Ricans can enjoy long weekends to travel around the country and extend their stays.

France: launched the #CetÉtéJeVisiteLaFrance (‘This summer, I visit France’) campaign, which highlights the diversity of destinations across the country.

Argentina: announced the creation of an Internal Tourism Observatory to give a better profile to Argentine tourists.

Thailand:will subsidize five million nights of hotel accommodation at 40% of normal room rates for up to five nights.

Spain: at the moment, the Government has not yet adopted measures of this nature, althoughit is designing a program to stimulate tourism demand (the Government prepares bonds to encourage domestic tourism). Choose from two options: a voucher to be exchanged directly at tourist establishments or a discount in the income tax return.