The 4 Laws of Spirituality in Hindu Philosophy

The first thing we must be clear that spirituality goes beyond and above the material and the earthly. It is not a religion or a doctrine. Spirituality is taking care and pampering our inner self, letting our hearts jump over the abysses that our mind can create, and humbly cultivating our values. In this article, we will mention the four laws of spirituality in Hindu philosophy.

1.- The people who come into your life are always the right people

This first law makes us understand and teaches us that no one comes into our life by chance. Everyone around us is there for something, even toxic people. In each exchange and each moment, they all are contributing something. We live in a world with shades of gray.

It is important to know that not all of us are just students or just teachers; each of us contributes something to other people’s lives and vice versa. Either positively or negatively. However, people are always lanterns in the dark.

That is why there are people more representative of our lives than others, but all, without exception, have something to tell us. For this reason, over time we come to thank the stones of our path, such as someone complicating our existence at a given moment or those who faithfully supported us.

All the people around us and those who get involved in our lives leave us an apprenticeship. A phrase that reflects this is the one written by Jorge Luis Borges who points out: “Each person who goes through our life is unique. They always leave a little of themselves and take a little of us. There will be those who get along with us a lot, but there will be those who do not leave anything positive. This is the evident proof that two souls do not meet by chance”.

2. – What happens is the only thing that could have happened

The second law is the one that reflects us that everything that has happened to us should have been this way and not otherwise. In other words, what happened,, and it is the only thing that could have happened. It is appropriate at each moment and through which we have to extract a concrete meaning.

We all like to imagine how things would have been if they had not happened in such a way and create hypothetical situations in our minds. However, we must accept that things have already happened and this is how they are and should be.

We must bear in mind that each of our behaviors will generate in our environment a sequential chain of events that mark our path. And to be clear that everything has its moment and it takes time to assume the necessary learning.

3. Any time something starts is the right time

This third law is brief but very accurate; it teaches us that any time things happen to us will always be the best time for it. The new that comes into our lives appear because we attract it and we are prepared to see and feel it. Understanding this, we will accept that when life puts something in our path we have to assume it.

4. When something ends, it ends

This last law of spirituality tells us about the reality that we are usually tied to endless stories and emotions. Saying goodbye hurts, but when something ends, keeping it by our side is an exercise in masochism that will generate great discomfort and multiple dependencies and insecurities. Going ahead and flowing with life is the best thing you can do for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Moving forward is always the best option to get wiser and not keep suffering.

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