Meditation as a Means of Connection with Our Valuable Inner Self

A wonderful tool for spiritual growth and well-being

Meditation is a method that allows us to connect with our inner self, to develop certain personal abilities that permit people to discern more clearly and calmly our perception of reality. It helps us, therefore, to observe consciously from other angles and to establish a deeper vision of reality.

Meditation takes us to an essential state where conscious silence is generated within us, which allows us to activate and magnify our senses, to observe more clearly and transparently the reality that occurs around and within us.

The way of life that most humans have these days is indisputably dizzying and distressing. Everywhere we breathe resentment, sadness, worry, and widespread tension. There are neuroses in each corner, and those who suffer from being more favored, maintain an attitude of isolation or defense against their closest environment.

Meditation is a practice in which we prepare ourselves physically and mentally to achieve, through deep relaxation, a state of inner peace that allows us to control and silence the conscious mind, which acts permanently as a radio device that does not want to go out.

Benefits that meditation give us

Meditation helps us to communicate with our interior and this facilitates us to develop personal capacities, which together with an understanding intelligence of ourselves and our environment, gives us a fuller sense of who we are, what we live for and the deepest sense of everyday life situations.

Meditation brings us clarity to build our desirable reality, our life project based on self-awareness and also helps us release tension and repressed emotions. It gives us a pause in the present itself, slowing our pace of action, to establish a conscious observation about the details that are existing in the reality that surrounds us.

Meditation brings clarity to build the desirable reality, a personal vision of what the world we wish to have around would be like, a life project based on self-awareness, and an action aligned with nature and personal essence.

Another benefit that meditation brings us is to release tension. We feel emotions and in Western culture, it is common to find repression of them. Some emotions are taboo, like fear, when we have been directed towards the need to be strong, leading us to lose the connection with the quality of feeling vulnerable and therefore accepting our need of relating to others.

Louis Proto, in his book “Learn to meditate,” indicates that this ancient practice allows us to contact aspects of our subjective or subconscious world, of which we generally know little or nothing.

It helps us to obtain a personal perspective and a different environment from the one we have acquired traditionally and opens a way for us to discover that thought and reality differ.

How can we perform a good meditation?

Sit in a comfortable and quiet place, breathe slowly and deeply, meditate for a few moments, entering silently into a relaxed state, you are simply with yourself. Ask yourself: What is that unique quality in me, that which fills me that excites me, that makes me feel at ease, what is my essence? Feel it in the body and expand it as part of you in every expression, action, thought, and emotion.

Our essence is an internal sensation through which we flow. For some it is love, for vitality, for others it is feeling. When you connect with your inner vitality or your passion, an inner consciousness influences what you do and that those who relate to you subtly influence you.

Meditation and concentration

Meditation is not equal to concentration. The one who meditates stops thinking and achieves mental silence, silences the internal dialogue, while the one who concentrates thinks of an idea, a symbol, a point. The process of meditation can begin with concentration, but there is a time when one seeks to renounce all thoughts.

An example of concentration, which despite being favorable is not directly meditation, we have it in visualization, in this practice we induce the mind towards a specific objective through a sequence of images, basically visual or auditory.

Meditation, on the other hand, aims to separate us from the habit of analyzing, thinking and verbalizing, leading us to a state of mental self-control and inner peace. Visualization has a specific objective; meditation is the method and the end in itself.

Meditation is a moment where we manifest control of our emotions and our thoughts, and its practice allows us to keep our soul, body and mind healthy and balanced.

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