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    First Prosthesis with a Direct Connection to Bone, Nerves and Muscles is Created

    The First Prosthesis with a direct connection to bone, nerves and muscles was created by the Mexican Max Ortiz Catalán, who lives in Sweden

    Meditation as a Means of Connection with Our Valuable Inner Self

    Meditation is a method that allows us to connect with our inner self, to develop certain personal abilities that permit people to discern more...

    Sun and Earth Connect in an Indigenous Festival in Southern Costa Rica

    More than 340 kilometers from the Central Valley, in a corner of Altamira de Biolley (Buenos Aires, Puntarenas), drums and maracas are played, dedicated...
    Google Map App

    Google Map Functions You Probably Did Not Know

    Many times we use the available technology but, actually, we do not take all the advantages that we could. Why does this happen? Most...
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