Self-Healing: Not Only Viable but Also Transcendental For Our Well Being

It has been demonstrated that mind and body are intrinsically connected

“Self-healing transcends the scientific since it is believed that the body has mechanisms to heal without the use of medications“. This fact is not a novel discovery, Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, devised several treatments that started from the principle that the body has the necessary weapons to heal itself. However, not everything is as simple as getting a disease and sitting down and waiting for it to heal on its own.

The idea that the body can heal itself is closely linked to the concept of disease. Not all approaches to medicine conceive it in the same way. Traditional “allopathic” medicine, for example, states that the disease is an alteration in the normal mechanisms of the organism. The doctor’s performance is aimed at restoring the proper functioning of the organism using chemotherapies, or the use of chemicals for therapeutic purposes.

The more alternative approaches look at the picture differently. From this latter viewpoint, the disease appears as an expression of an imbalance between the organism and the environment with which it comes into contact, which includes food, lifestyle, and any process of exchange between the organism and the surroundings. Therefore, the purpose of a cure is not to make the disease disappear as such, but to restore the lost balance. It is based on the idea that emotions play a fundamental role in the healing process; therefore, all treatment must point to both the mind and the body. If the mind heals, the body will also heal.

Self-healing, how does it happen?

At all times health and illness depend on a large percentage on the emotional state. All our organs are connected to the central nervous system; they are influenced to a greater or lesser extent by the brain. For example, anger produces a series of effects on the body: it increases the heart rate, muscle tension, etc. When anger becomes frequent, the physiological change will begin to affect all the organs involved with that feeling, so it is likely that at some point a disease can develop from it.

The same goes for all emotions, there is no way to experience them only as subjective, rather they can change the physiology one the body in one way or another. In this way, the organism becomes ill from the action of self-destructive feelings or emotions. But likewise, it can be cured if you work on those subjective elements that give rise to improper functioning of the organs.

In the case of chronic diseases, it is very important to inquire about the emotional sources of discomfort. The answer may be in your mind and not in the tons of medications that we sometimes force ourselves to take.

Where diseases come from.

The ancient wisdom of Eastern cultures and, more recently, studies in the so-called Western world, on the relationship between the mind and the body, have shown that the high majority of our bodily ills stem from the negative thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and what surrounds us.

It seems amazing but there have been substantiated evidence of the relationship between:

* The flu with stress

* Hepatitis with anger and indignation

* Depression with the idea of unrecoverable losses

* Cancer with unforgiving hatred or deep emotional emptiness 

And so other ailments and diseases.

Researcher Barbará Powell, author of the book “Personal relationships” ensures that we have hidden reasons that justify our diseases; only rarely do we notice it. Some of these hidden reasons may be:

-Avoiding the fact of having to face a problem.

-Enjoying the attention, kindness, and care received when being sick.

-The possibility of resting and recharging energy when being sick.

-Avoid having to respond to external expectations.

For his part, Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of the book “Peace, Love, and Self-healing”, reminds us that our thoughts and feelings are biochemically substantiated, with the power to cure or make our body sick. For Siegel, who has become famous for the amazing results he has obtained in patients with diabetes and cancer, the disease of many adults begins in childhood. At this time when they tend to be subjected to abuse and indifference, which tends to generate rejection of them and overtime to somatize these feelings.

The body reflects the mental states of each person.

A curative methodology that Dr. Siegel has employed and suggested includes:

* Meditation and enthusiasm practices

* Healing visualization exercises

* Self-suggestion practices

* Emotional support from family and other loved ones

* Forgiveness towards others and ourselves.

* Avoid conflicting and violent situations.

Mental health is essential to keep our whole body healthy. Self-healing is possible if our entire inner emotional world is in perfect harmony and peace.

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