The Importance of Food Safety in Society

    With regards to World Food Safety Day

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    On June 7th, World Food Safety Day is commemorated, but do we know why food safety is transcendental for all people? Food safety means that a food product is safe for human consumption since it will not cause harm to the consumer at the time of preparation and consumption.

    According to nutrition experts, the damage to consumers can range from annoying diarrhea with vomiting, to more severe cases such as kidney failure, paralysis, chronic arthritis, loss of the embryo during pregnancy, and even death.

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    Therefore, it is necessary that, from production and distribution, until it arrives at the consumer, a strict sanitary protocol is executed. A mature food safety culture is one in which the policy, goals, and understanding of the importance of food safety have permeated the needs and expectations of every department and person throughout the organization.

    Technical standards help organizations improve their overall performance concerning food safety, and process traceability, avoid failures and reduce production costs, as well as improve staff involvement, facilitate compliance with legislation and increase the transparency of information.

    Market opening opportunities

    These are market-opening opportunities since many transnational companies ask their suppliers to have safety certifications and the same thing happens with companies that want to export since many countries are rigorous in this aspect before allowing products to enter their market.

    From INTECO we have coordinated the National Technical Committee INTE CTN 02 SC 01. Food Safety has developed a series of technical standards that seek to contribute to this joint and permanent effort to ensure society’s access to safe products.

    For example, the INTE A2:2020 standard. General principles for the application of the hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system, INTE A1:2020. General principles of food hygiene: good manufacturing practices (GMP), also, the normative document INTE / ISO 22000: 2018. Food safety management systems, requirements for any organization in the food chain, or INTE/ISO/TS 22002-4:2014. Prerequisite food safety programs. Part 4: Packaging material for food. Many of these standards are reflected as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically goal 2 of zero hunger.

    Ensuring excellence and the highest standards of quality and safety

    The fact that a company or organization has some certification issued by a recognized entity is a great added value since it ensures excellence and the highest standards of quality and safety.

    In addition, these certifications based on the technical standards of the food safety sector bring substantial benefits such as improvements in general performance concerning food safety, process traceability, reduction of failures and production costs, optimization of staff involvement, and increased transparency of information, in addition to projecting it as an organization that complies with internationally recognized standards.

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