A Better Environment Is In Your Hands: Know How

    Within the framework of the World Environment Day celebrations, the UN recommends following a series of recommendations to be friendly to the planet and counteract climate change a little

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    During 2022, World Environment Day will be commemorated for the ninth consecutive year.  The date that was established by the general assembly of the United Nations (UN). This celebration was born under the premise of making the population aware of the damage that has been caused to the ecosystem over time.

    This organization maintains a series of activities in favor of nature and with which it hopes to reduce the damage caused by climate change and the bad practices developed by man in relation to nature.

    Among the most important recommendations are:

    Save energy in your environment

    This recommendation is intended to encourage people to reduce the use of electronic equipment. They also urge not to leave equipment plugged in, consuming energy that is unnecessary in the long run. The ideal would be the use of low-consumption devices and energy-saving light bulbs.

    Use an environmentally friendly transportation method

    What is recommended in this type of case is walking, riding a bicycle or taking public transport. What is wanted is to prevent you from driving a vehicle that requires gasoline from being a polluting agent. Small actions create big changes.

    Recycle, paint and decorate

    To reduce the carbon emissions generated by the emission of different devices, it is suggested to buy second-hand material, recycle something you already used, repair and give new life to an object that is damaged.

    Learn to manage your waste

    This point is generally combined with recycling. Here you must learn the importance of handling different containers or receptacles for each waste, whether it is toxic, organic, glass or cardboard waste.

    Learn to close the faucet

    You should not waste even a drop of water. Close the taps, check if there are any leaks, repair them and thus save as much water as possible.

    Be yourself, giving your opinion is a valid point

    Make your thoughts known, and include many of your loved ones in this friendly vibe with our one true home, our planet. May the call reach family, couple, children, colleagues and more.

    You are sowing life

    The most profitable activity for the planet is planting a tree. Put it into practice in your home, in your workplace or in other areas. Planting a tree is worth a lot, it is life.

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