Patients are Transferred in a Modern Ambulance Boat on the Gulf of Nicoya Waters

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    The residents of the islands of Chira, Venado and Caballo will cross the waters of the Gulf of Nicoya in a modern ambulance boat to be transferred to the Jicaral-Islas Health Area, which will allow faster and more timely care.

    Approximately 2,700 people live in the area and face accessibility problems due to geographic location, limited public transportation, and variables such as tides, weather, and the economic situation.

    Timely transfer

    “With the acquisition of this vehicle, the transfer of patients to scheduled appointments, emergency transfers, transport of officials to the Ebáis headquarters and periodic visit posts of the Social Security on these islands is ensured.

    In addition, it allows the transport of equipment, supplies and medicines. The endowment of this vessel has an impact on better access and timeliness of care in health services”, highlights Dr. WilberthAjúVenegas, director of the Jicaral-Islas Health Area.

    The ambulance boat does not have a schedule, since when a patient needs to go to the mainland for his/her health,they travel only when having an appointment, the trip is previously scheduled. Also, the boat transports visitors to the area and the officials who enter Chira on Mondays for the attention of the Ebáis; on Thursdays to Venado and on Fridays, every 15 days, consultation is given at the periodic visit post on Isla Caballo

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