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    In Costa Rica we have many islands that you can visit, with delicious beaches full of nature. Each one is a different destination for every taste. Here we show you our top 5 islands to visit, so you can choose your favorite or visit them all!

    1. Tortuga Island

    Tortuga Island is a well-known destination in the country, for its beautiful beaches and the natural panoramic scene around it, the turquoise water mixes with the horizon and the infinite sky. Its name comes from the silhouette of the island, which has the shape of a lying turtle, you can see the figure of the head and the shell, formed by a mountain of trees.

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    Many one-day tours are offered where you take advantage of very early to venture into the activities that can be enjoyed on the island, for example snorkeling, which is one of the most coveted, since it is possible to observe a large number and variety of fish and other marine animals. You can also practice beach volleyball, hiking in the mountains or just feel the sun in a hammock.

    Inside it you can see animals such as deer, monkeys and many insects, such as colored butterflies. On weekends, typical national music is presented with a group playing the marimba and drums, right there you can get lunch and drinks, as well as a snack for the way. It can only be entered by boat. In case you want a nearby accommodation, Paquera, Puntarenas province, has a wide variety of hotels and accommodations.

    –Transport: There are many tourism companies that offer transportation to the island, it can be from Jacó, Montezuma, or even from the capital San José.

    * If you want to go on your own, you can visit this island in Costa Rica by taking a boat from the Puntarenas dock, in a trip of approximately an hour and a half, starting its departures after 7:30 am and returning at 4:30 pm.

    2. Bolaños Island

    This island is not as well known as the others, it is also known as Bird Island, since it is home to a large number of bird species that fly over the island. This site has been recognized as a Wildlife Refuge since 1981, thanks to the fact that it is one of the only places where the American Osteros and Mar Scissors birds nesting is known. At the same time, Brown and Brown Pelicans can be observed. , the amount of birds makes this island a special place, with a mixture of songs, where you can learn a lot about these species.

    With the help of a guide you can climb to its summit, where you will be sitting in the middle of this beautiful chaos of birds, prowling everywhere, each one on its way, it is a very special and unusual place. The path to this point is made up of rocks and ropes that you have to hold on to to reach the top, so we recommend using the appropriate shoes, sunscreen and comfortable clothing. It has several small beaches, including one with white sand, where you can cool off after the walk. The Guanacaste area has multiple activities, guided tours and excursions that may be to your liking. We recommend you take a look at them.

    3. Chira Island

    This island is definitely one of the islands that you must visit in Costa Rica, it is a small and easily accessible island, its people have a heart of gold and its sunsets can be seen from the top of a mountain or in the stillness of the sea. It has several lodging places, from hotels or houses where rooms are rented. It offers restaurants with typical local food, including a lot of seafood such as fresh fish and seafood. There are also small supermarkets and hardware stores that offer everything you need for your convenience on the trip. It does not have ATMs so you have to bring cash.

    The quiet life is enjoyed from day to day, you feel the calm of the town and its inhabitants, which has many stories to tell about their past and their days in the towns located around the island where fishing, agriculture and salt extraction are practiced.

    One of the well-known activities of the place is the walk to the top of the island, it is a light but a bit steep walk, once you get to the top you can relax with the view of the island and the nature that surrounds it. You can rent bicycles and ride the streets of the island, or take a horse and walk along the beach. In addition, in the Puntarenas area, there are various adventures, tours and activities that you can do.

    -Transport: You take the boat in Puntarenas, at the fish market, the journey lasts 15 minutes.

    4. San Lucas Island

    This mystical island surrounds a different landscape. It is made up of 5 square kilometers with dungeons, ruins and trails between what was once the most important prison in the country. It existed for more than 100 years, between 1873 and 1991 making it a national heritage. With messages on the walls and a dark energy, here they sent the country’s prisoners, where they would spend their sentence locked up and surrounded by deep waters difficult to overcome.

    On this island to visit in Costa Rica, you will find flora that is very varied and dry, a little greener in the rainy season. Its fauna is made up of diverse animals such as bats, howler monkeys, squirrels, and iguanas. Different day tours are offered where stories of the prisoners are told, also based on what they wrote on the walls. Lunch and drinks for hydration are also normally included in this tour.

    You can find a chronicle of the author of the Costa Rican book “The island of the lonely men” who refers to the island of San Lucas, since he was imprisoned within it for many years. Being in the dry area of ​​the country, it is recommended to use sunscreen and bring fresh clothes.

    5. Isla del Caño

    Also known as the Caño Biological Reserve, this island is recognized for its archaeological importance since there are some of the mysterious spheres created by hand by the indigenous people who inhabited it. Its fauna is made up of different species of birds that can be observed such as the eagle, the black hawk, the egret and the phalarope and animals such as construction boas, opossums, tree frogs, pigs, moths, beetles, bats, mosquitoes, rats and lizards. . Very common species of this area and of the dry climate.This area, due to its natural attraction, offers a wide range of activities related to flora and fauna.

    Its beauty is not only shown on the surface, this beautiful island that you must visit in Costa Rica hides a surprising marine world. Named one of the best diving spots on the planet, this paradise is renowned for its extensive coral reef formations in very good condition. The visibility of the water is impeccable so it is possible to admire many types of marine animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, rays, moray eels, barracudas, tuna and groupers swimming, as well as observing sharks and humpback whales.

    Because it is a reserve, this has become one of the most popular islands to visit, so it must be taken into account that the number of daily divers is limited and regulated, likewise nothing of the marine life can be removed. Also, one of the lodging options would be the camping areas within the island, and trips can be organized from points such as Sunday Beach and Drake Bay.

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