New Care Center for Sloths Starts Operation in Braulio Carrillo Park

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    A new care center for sloths was inaugurated in the surrounding area of the Braulio Carrillo National Park, specifically in the Rainforest Adventures (RFA) park reserve. These animals will be taken there when they are rescued and, for various reasons, cannot be released or return to their natural habitat.

    The space is called “Habitat and Care Center for Sloths”. It was created from an alliance between Rainforest Adventures and the Penshurt Sloth Sanctuary, located in Limón.

    For now, this is home to 4 individuals: Ash, Zeus, Ollie’s, and Tonka. “From a very young age they were rescued by the sanctuary located in the Caribbean after losing their mothers and becoming orphans, a situation that prevented them from developing the skills and conditions to survive on their own in the natural environment“, Rainforest Adventures reported through a Press release.

    People can meet the sloths by entering the Rainforest Adventures Park, where you can also do other activities without causing stress to the animals. “Some will be able to return to their natural habitat, but others will always have to live in a controlled space, and this is where we come in, to collaborate with the work carried out by the sanctuary to offer them a permanent home”, said the RFA Director of Operations, Luis Diego Castillo.

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