Natural Beauties, Culture, and Costa Rican Gastronomy Will Captivate Mexicans

    Two VIP meetings were held with travel designers to promote Costa Rica among their best prospects

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    Through three promotional activities, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute seeks to attract potential Mexican tourists to our country by exposing the nature, traditions, gastronomy and cultural elements of Costa Rica during the month of October in Mexico.

    With the name “A look at our essence Pura Vida“, from October 6th to November 2nd, Mexicans will enjoy an exhibition of 36 large-format photographs, the collection of the country brand “Essential Costa Rica“, representative of the natural wealth of Costa Rica, as well as essential elements of its culture, in the Open Gallery of Paseo de las Culturas Amigas, on Paseo de la Reforma, in Mexico City.

    The realization of the said exhibition is the result of the joint work between the Government of Mexico City represented by their respective dependencies; the Embassy of Costa Rica in Mexico and the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT).

    The images will be located along the lateral median of Paseo de la Reforma Avenue. According to official data provided by the Government of Mexico City, 300,000 people pass through there per month.

    “Carajillo” with Tico flavors

    In addition to this striking exhibition, another creative activity to promote Costa Rica will also take place, from October 6th to November 5th, diners at five of the seven “Carajillo” restaurants in Mexico City will be able to taste a menu created with Tico cuisine, and Mexican touch, prepared by the Costa Rican chef José González and the Mexican Juan Arroyo, chef of “Carajillo”.

    Menu of Costa Rican roots

    The menu, of Costa Rican roots, will consist of an appetizer of grilled squashes, turmeric mayonnaise, sesame and cashew canned, cilantro; a main course of Caribbean rondón with grilled shrimp, yucca, corn, avocado and basil, fried plantains and sea salt. For dessert, customers will taste a strawberry custard ice cream, suspiro with cocoa nips, cream with lemon zest, strawberries macerated with mezcal and tarragon.

    For the inauguration of both events, there will be the presence in Mexico of Carolina Trejos, ICT Marketing Director. “This photographic exhibition, as well as the gastronomic experience that Mexicans can enjoy in Costa Rica, seeks to show you the essence of our country, its natural beauties, its flavors and the Pura Vida that characterizes us so that it is a travel motivator,” he said. Trejos.

    VIP Meetings with Travel Designers

    In addition to the aforementioned, the ICT will have two meetings with travel designers who have a portfolio of end customers with high purchasing power and who work with leading wholesale companies in Mexico, which in turn, have luxury products to Costa Rica, specifically the operators Petra and Concierge Travel & Life. These strategic negotiation approaches were held on October 6th and 7th, at the Carajillo Mazaryik restaurant, in Mexico City

    The target audience of these agencies are people with high purchasing power, frequent travelers, who make 5 to 10 trips a year, with an average expenditure of US $200 per day.

    High Flow of Mexican tourists

    According to ICT data, from January to August 2022, 36,000 Mexican tourists entered by air, being an important source market for tourists from North America in growth.

    Based on the most recent study of “Best Prospects” for the Mexican market carried out by ICT’s Advertising and Research department, travelers highly interested in traveling to Costa Rica for vacations, leisure and pleasure were estimated at half a million Mexicans.

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