6 Fundamental Actions to Prevent Animal Abuse

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    Within the framework of World Animal Day, Toyota, with the support of Grupo Purdy, launched a campaign to promote respect, care, and protection of animals under the slogan “Do not mistreat them”. In Costa Rica there is an Animal Welfare Law which punishes animal abuse.

    According to data from the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), since this legislation came into force in 2017, more than 500 complaints have been registered. “At Toyota, with the support of Grupo Purdy, we make a call to respect and protect animal life. As a brand we have a high commitment to educate and share these values ​​with our clients through campaigns that not only involve the dogs and cats that are an important part of our family, but also all the wildlife that are an incomparable treasure that we have as a country”, said María Elena Molina, manager of Promotion and Advertising of Grupo Purdy.

    Take into account these 6 actions to protect and prevent animal abuse:

    1. Be responsible. Try responsible ownership, which means taking your cat or dog to the vet, taking them for a walk, feeding them, not having them chained or caged and, above all, do not buy or keep non-domestic animals at home.
    2. Adopt. If you plan to have a pet, consider adoption. In this way, it will help to give a home to so many animals that need it and, at the same time, it discourages the profit of clandestine farms.
    3. Do not be just a witness; denounce! If you know a person in the community who mistreats animals, file a complaint with SENASA at 2587-1600, or to the confidential line of the Judicial Investigation Organization at 800-8000-645.
    4. Help animal foundations. In our country there are many rescue foundations, such as the Association of Animals of Assisi. Collaborate with any of them; they always require both financial and volunteer support.
    5. Avoid taking selfies. Avoid taking pictures with wild animals. Appreciate them from afar, since this practice is not only cruel and affects its conservation, but it can put it at risk.
    6. Drive carefully. At Toyota we promote safe mobility, so when traveling with your pet, take appropriate precautions. If you travel through places with a high concentration of wildlife, take even more consideration and promote responsible driving.

    For its part, Toyota invites all people to join the “Don’t mistreat” campaign. As part of this initiative, the brand joined ´SalveMonos Costa Rica´, a non-profit organization that seeks the conservation of the environment and the preservation of wildlife, through the training of active forces of the community of Tamarindo in order to make an adequate report and transfer of injured animals.

    The organization is responsible for training police, firefighters, coast guards and development associations. For this NGO to carry out these trainings in Tamarindo, Toyota will donate five basic accident care kits that include transport cages, gloves, masks and special rescue blankets for that the animals do not become dehydrated. “The transport of wildlife cannot be done by any citizen and, therein, lies the importance of carrying out this type of training, which provides tools for its safe rescue. We thank Toyota because without a doubt this donation will allow us to continue with our important work and we invite the entire population to contribute to continue equipping the living forces of Guanacaste. You can contact us at 8594-8670 or by email at [email protected]” indicated Gina Malavassi, in charge of Communication and Marketing of SalveMonos Costa Rica.

    For her part, the Toyota spokeswoman commented that “the brand will always promote initiatives that contribute to promoting animal welfare. From January to June 2022 alone, this organization attended to 140 wildlife accidents, which is why we urge the population to support this cause and together say no to mistreatment”.
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