The First “Strawberry” Tour in Costa Rica is at Poasito de Alajuela

    In the framework of the International Day of the Tourist Guide, an innovative guided tour is promoted in Alajuela

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    In Poasito de Alajuela there is the first guided strawberry tour in Costa Rica and also for the improvement of the experience it is possible to be transported in a typical ox cart.

    Precisely the Strawberry Tour Costa Rica is the first of rural tourism that shows each and every one of the steps of the hydroponic strawberry process, it also rescues oral traditions such as the legend of “the cart without oxen.”

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    The purpose of this activity is to make the most of the extensive knowledge of a local tour guide so that the visitor can learn more about strawberries and taste the flavor of one of the most emblematic fruits of the area.

    A completely different experience

    According to the tourism guide certified by the ICT, farmer, touristologist and owner and developer of this tour, EliécerVíquez, the Strawberry Tour allows a complete experience to national or foreign tourists.

    “Our goal is for visitors to know more about strawberries, their hydroponic cultivation, consumption, health benefits, all from a tourist point of view, where they are provided with information about their history, their nature as fruit, geography, plantation; At the same time, they are given a taste of the sweetness of the local strawberries, also refreshing smoothies with that fruit,”Víquez explained.

    Family social bubbles or “capsules”

    This multifaceted tour guide highlighted that during the tour a protocol of “family capsules” is applied, coordinating previous reservations of small family groups and they never mix with others. In addition, the spaces are constantly disinfected and there are several stations for hand washing, as well as gel alcohol dispensers.

    The aforementioned family groups are the only ones who “get on the cart” to take a traditional tour of the surroundings and the journey is used to take a trip back in time through Costa Rican traditions or remember legends such as the remembered ox cart.

    Within the framework of the International Tourism Guide Day that was commemorated this February 21st, we invite all Costa Ricans to improve their tourism experience by hiring a certified tour guide.

    Importance of certified guides

    Undoubtedly, examples such as the strawberry tour, created by the guide EliécerVíquez, are clear proof of the value and permanent effort made by the more than 2,700 certified guides registered by the ICT, precisely so that national tourists and tourists from other latitudes stay with an unforgettable memory and enjoy more thoroughly the beauties that our country offers ”, stated Alberto López, ICT General Manager.

    The ICT recommends enhancing the experience of sightseeing with the support and instruction of a certified guide, who with his knowledge and professionalism will make your trip an essentially unforgettable experience. Likewise, it is suggested to contact a tourist company or tour operator that has a “Tourist Declaration” to ensure a reliable and quality service.

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