Innovative Tico System Saves Almost 2 million Liters of Water Per Year in Car Washes

    Machines captures wastewater from the washing process and treat it to be used again

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    An innovative system in Costa Rica allows the saving of almost two million liters of water per year in washing the fleets of three car rental companies in the country, which is equivalent to the monthly consumption of 70 families.

    This mechanism, already used by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car, captures the wastewater produced by the washing of more than three thousand rental vehicles of these companies, treats them and mixes them with a 15 % of fresh water, allowing a production of recovered water of 8,000 liters per hour.

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    Saving drinking water

    “By applying this technology to our processes we managed to save 85% of drinking water for each vehicle that is washed. In our companies we understand that water is an exhaustible resource and therefore of great value; Based on this premise, we decided to invest in a novel and unique conservation project for our sector, which treats the wastewater from washing to inject it back into the supply system”, explained Rodrigo Alvarado, Quality and Environment Manager of Grupo ANC , a company that operates the auto rentals.

    Through this system, only in December 2020 a saving of 93,000 liters of water resources was reported. This decrease in liters used also represents an economic saving for companies, who experienced a 50% decrease in turnover.

    Environmental management

    “Our companies have incorporated environmental management as part of their business strategy for more than 18 years. Since then we have defined the protection of water resources as one of our main objectives, aligning ourselves with the environmental objectives that have also been established at the country level ”, highlighted Alvarado.

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