Costa Rican Cyclists Who Disrespect Traffic Laws Will Receive Fines

    Authorities highlight the importance that cyclists use personal safety devices

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    Cyclists in Costa Rica may receive a fine on their identity card for disrespecting the traffic law during their journey. The following are the infringements that will be penalized:

    • Cycling on highways or public roads where a speed equal to or greater than 80 km/h is allowed can cost the cyclist ₡61,470, in addition to the confiscation of the bicycle.
    • No yellow or white lights on the bikes from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. It is a fine of ₡61,400.
    • Driving on sidewalks or boulevards with the bicycle would cost ₡27,000.

    Safety first

    For this reason, it is essential that people who use this means always carry their identity document. The authorities also highlighted the importance that cyclists also use personal safety devices while traveling, such as a helmet, reflective vest and lights, in addition to not traveling more than two people on the same bicycle in order to avoid accidents or run overs on the road.

    The year 2022 closed with 37 cyclists killed on the road and so far this year there have been three deaths.

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