Costa Rican Companies Now Have Certification to Generate Well-Being and Loyalty in Their Collaborators

    Awards of Happiness allow companies to undergo evaluations to identify areas for improvement in order to ensure the well-being of their employees

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    International studies reveal that workers spend at least 3507 full days working during their lifetime, including 204 days of overtime. In addition, the average employee will dedicate 34 hours and 26 minutes of work per week, totaling at least 1,791 hours per year and 84,171 hours in their professional career.

    It seems like a lot of days right? Well, that’s the way it is, and it is for this reason that companies must seek labor well-being, generating pleasant conditions of the environment at work and thus achieve greater loyalty and productivity of their staff. Happy employees, goals achieved.

    Positive experiences

    This is why companies must turn to allies to achieve it; Among these are the Awards of Happiness certifications: a recognition that exalts the work done by those organizations and people that promote the well-being of employees and people in general through policies and strategies that create positive experiences and directly influence happiness.

    “In these new times and with the evolution of organizations, the vision of collaborators and work teams has changed, and they are now considered as fundamental strategic partners in obtaining the strategic objectives of the company” said Pedro Galván, CEO of Awards of Happiness.

    What are the Awards of Happiness?

    They are recognitions that are given to companies that seek labor well-being. They have different categories and those responsible for deciding whether the company wins recognition are the same collaborators.

    They are present in more than 20 countries globally and for two years in Costa Rica where organizations such as the National Stock Exchange and the International Centennial, among others, have been awarded.

    The company must register, after the registration is approved, it receives the OHT (Organizational Happiness Test) for each category, to which the collaborators must respond during five working days and after the analysis it is defined if the company is worthy of the certification.

    “By obtaining an Awards of Happiness in each of the categories, companies will first be able to work on their brand, which has a positive influence on reputation and talent retention. Additionally, with the report obtained from the OHT results, we will have first-hand feedback ”, explained Salvador Ismayel, Director of Grupo Innova.

    What are the categories?

    Among the main categories are:

    Women Empowerment: rewards work related to female empowerment and gender equality.

    Diversity & Inclusion: which recognizes work on inclusion and promoting diversity policies.

    Social Power: the social impact that is generated in society through the operation of the company is exalted.

    Culture: rewards the work of promoting talent based on their well-being.

    There are many other awards of Happiness mentions, aimed at both organizations and individuals with different objectives depending on the nature and need of the applicant. What is true is that it is expected to help companies to be more competitive and increase the benefits of their commitment to organizational happiness in addition to helping people to differentiate themselves.

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