“Feedback”: the key to Motivating at Work

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    From childhood, we learn to behave in accordance with how elders respond to our actions. We expect positive or negative feedback to continue advancing in one way or another and also to build our own image and self-esteem. Likewise, in Companies we need to find an answer, a feedback to our work that allows us to improve performance and know the impact that our effort has.

    The objective of giving feedback to the people who make up a corporation is to raise their motivation and, therefore, optimize results. And that is achieved by offering emotional care. Some companies incorporate feedback as one more procedure, with strict assessment of competencies. It should not be forgotten that all human action is governed by emotions, and that is why they are the first thing we must take into account if we want to build a successful organization.

    Good feedback
    People expect comments, advice, congratulations and thanks on their work. Recognition can be public, private, entail a promotion, job benefits or an economic incentive. When a company is satisfied with an employee it has to make it explicit, with words of thanks first and with actions later. In this way, performance is enhanced and the sense of belonging is increased.

    Feedback is never negative
    Sometimes you have to say that things are not as would be desirable. But you have to know how to say it. It is not about criticism, but about looking for solutions to processes that do not work or achieving changes in a performance. In such cases, it is important to arrange a private meeting with the person whose attitude we want to change.

    You have to identify the problem and limit yourself to the concrete, do not bring up issues from the past or collaterals that are not relevant. In addition, it is convenient to talk about proven data, not assumptions, and not attack the individual, just try to refer to the facts in an assertive way.
    For example, not to say “you always deliver late”, but “the work was not on time and that has caused …”. Explain what the problem is, how it affects the company, what we can do to prevent it from happening again, and make sure it is clear. And another thing: when you have to give negative feedback, insert some positive aspect of the person.

    We should all be open to others telling us what they think of our work. Feedback is not from top to bottom, nor the other way around. It must be multidirectional. On the other hand, companies face stressful situations every day that force them to make risky decisions, face constant changes and manage stressful conflicts.

    To know if they are steering the wheel in the right direction, they also need to collect feedback from their customers. Listening is essential to implement measures that allow us to be more competitive.

    A study by Gallup, the American analytics company, published in 2019, revealed that among the main reasons for leaving a job is not feeling valued. In the same vein, the InfoJobs Employment Barometer report reveals that the second cause of concern among workers is the lack of recognition: no less than 67.5% of those surveyed admit that they feel unmotivated, away from their company because of this; only half a point below job insecurity.

    Recognition is like a pat on the heart, an emotional caress that reinforces the bond of employees with their companies; it has a very low cost and a very high profit. Let’s be attentive to offer it.

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