First Inpatient Pediatric Hospice in Latin America Opens in Costa Rica

    Antonio J. Acosta-Rua, PhD With many supporters, friends and staff on hand, La Fundación Pro-Unidad Cuidado Paliativo, a Costa Rican pediatric hospice organization, proudly inaugurated Casa San Miguel Arcángel, the first inpatient pediatric hospice facility in Latin America. Casa San...

    HSA Clearing Corp Announces Costa Rican Medical Care

    Working with the finest private hospitals and physicians in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Medical Care will help people save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on certain medical care procedures. According to a recent study by the Deloitte Center...
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    The Danger to Health of the Risky Behaviors which Go Viral

    On the platforms there are girls who share a diary to eat the minimum each day, ideas to purge or self-harm. We spend half or more
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