When is the Right Time to Study for a Master’s Degree in Costa Rica?

    Workers could increase their salary by up to 50% with an academic degree

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    Is it necessary to have work experience before striving for a master’s degree, or is it advisable to start specialization studies when obtaining the first professional degree and thus be more competitive?

    The answer is not simple and for this reason, the experts in human talent and the representatives of some universities consulted differ on when the time is right. What they do agree on is that an academic degree of this nature is capable of opening up a new world of knowledge, in addition to meaning a salary increase of 50% or more in some cases, according to OECD studies.

    On the other hand, in the midst of a highly competitive labor market, specialization in a work area can make a difference when it comes to being selected for a job. That is why the age to start master’s studies can be very relative, according to Diego Ramos, marketing manager of INCAE business school’s master programs, who reported that at the moment they have 23-year-old students studying this type of studies, and also people over 30 years old.

    Similarly, Marianela Núñez, director of ULACIT said that technically it is not a matter of age, but of maturity, although she recognized that the experience will allow the program to be more enriching for the students. “Ideally, the students have had experience in organizations, institutions or have started a business,” added Núñez.

    A more daring and dynamic generation

    On the other hand, the market has undergone important changes and for this reason, it is common for young professionals to decide to start these studies very early, according to Adriana Montealegre, director of graduate studies at Universidad Fidélitas. “This is a much more daring generation, more dynamic and willing to constantly take on new challenges,” concluded Montealegre.

    More competitive and better paid

    Meanwhile, human talent experts recommend having at least three years of work experience. And it is that the specialization granted by the master’s degree would help workers to improve their profile in the face of new organizational challenges, to have a broader knowledge of their area of ​​study and thus be more competitive and better paid.

    In this sense, Karina López, country manager of manpowergroup highlighted that master’s degrees promote specialization, diversification and updating of knowledge, in addition to establishing contacts that will help in the future, among other benefits.

    “Every day there are more people who are motivated to study a master’s degree to enhance their professional career to be more competitive, it is estimated that the average age in which students take a master’s degree or specialization is between 30 and 40 years, because at that they already have work and professional experience,” said Salvador Ismayel, talent specialist.

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