Vapers Without Nicotine and With Vitamins, Can they be Considered Healthy?

    Components could contribute to health, according to creators

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    Vapes, vapers or electronic cigarettes were designed as an electronic inhaler system to simulate the consumption of tobacco without burning it directly, differing from the traditional cigarette.

    Currently they are very popular in the world, since in the market you can find varieties in flavors, smells, essences and colors. But one of the most popular and eye-catching is the “healthy vape” which, unlike the traditional electric cigarette, does not contain nicotine but uses components with vitamins, hormones and essential oils.

    The companies that market these products claim that they are beneficial for your health because they have different combinations of ingredients that help you focus, sleep and even lose weight. However, the alleged benefits of the article have not been substantiated by science and are under investigation to find out how true they are.

    According to one article “many of these additives individually are supplements considered safe for consumption. But the vast majority have not been tested to determine whether they are safe for inhalation and do not carry risks of long-term harm, and because “healthy vapes” do not contain nicotine, they evade regulatory authorities.

    Do vapers contain vitamins?

    According to those who market them, one of the components of vapers is vitamins C and B12, a group of substances necessary for cell function, growth and development in humans.

    Vitamin C has universally recognized benefits, but in high doses it has been shown to increase the risk of death in people with sepsis (your body’s overwhelming and extreme response to infection).

    On the other hand, vitamin B12 is important for protein metabolism, the formation of red blood cells, and the maintenance of the central nervous system, but there is no evidence to support any kind of benefit in people with normal levels of this substance.

    Also, because there is a lack of evidence regarding the safety or efficacy of B12 when inhaled through vaping, it is uncertain whether it works the same way when inhaled as when ingested or injected.

    In some cases, vapers also contain other components such as milk thistle, melatonin (a hormone), green tea and a variety of essential oils that, according to their creators, when combined, give results that contribute positively to those who use it, something which has not been scientifically proven.

    Caution to take into account

    The so-called ‘nutritional supplement diffusers’ have been on the market for a very short time, so researchers are not sure about the long-term consequences of their consumption.

    What is clear is that short-term exposure to some of its components can damage the lungs, so its prolonged use can pose a very serious risk, which tips the balance against its use.

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