Route 27 Donates Vehicle to be Used in the Rescue of Abandoned Domestic Animals Throughout Costa Rica

    Valued at US$18,000, it has all the conditions for proper transportation and care of animals and is already operating

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    As of this week, the Animal Hope Costa Rica Association has a vehicle for the rescue of domestic animals that would be used to save abandoned dogs and cats throughout the Costa Rican territory.

    The donation was made by Ruta 27 by Globalvia, who since 2015 has been in charge of rescuing injured animals, within the project it operates and seeks to facilitate the mission in other sectors of Costa Rica.

    Strategic alliance for a common purpose

    “This strategic alliance unites us for a common purpose, which is the love of animals; We highlight the work of this team that does a fantastic job, they take care of the injured animals that we find on Route 27 without asking for anything in return”, commented Borja Santamaría, general director of Route 27.

    On Route 27, from 2015 to this year, 91 dogs and 37 cats have been rescued, most of them with injuries due to being run over, in addition to conditions typical of street animals such as malnutrition and various ailments.

    “Globalvia for Animal Hope means incredible help, we appreciate the trust you have given us and that allows us to save so many dogs and cats in need. This vehicle means the reward for a hard work of love and dedication for all the little animals that we have helped”, said Anabel Blanco, President of Animal Hope Costa Rica.

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