Trajectory of the First Ambassador of Costa Rican Gastronomy Is Recognized

    "Hall of Fame de Amura Centro Culinario" incorporates Campabadal among the 7 most recognized chefs worldwide

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    “Someone who sows much also reaps much”. This well-known expression honors the renowned chef Isabel CampabadalHerrero, who in her extensive gastronomic career has received numerous tributes, including the Magón National Award and the first ambassador of Costa Rican cuisine. Recently, Amura Culinary Center also recognized her brilliant career for the benefit of Costa Rican gastronomy, both nationally and internationally.

    To honor her, the Amura installations were intervened by the Costa Rican artist Ale Rambar and murals were placed in one of the corridors. Here are the paintings of seven chefs who have made world history in the gastronomic sector and one of the stalls belongs to Campabadal. Next to her appear the Spanish FerraAdrià, the Americans Thomas Keller and Julie Child and the French Augusto Escoffier, Marie-AntonieCarême, and Paul Bocuse. All of them have given their contribution in different areas of gastronomy at a global level.

    A real honor

    After unveiling her mural, the chef expressed that she felt quite honored to be placed on a mural in Amura’s “hall of Fame”, along with important exponents of world cuisine. Alexander Carazo, Amura’s manager, commented that she is a great woman, a lover of her town, her customs, and has left us her legacy in the form of recipes. “The country’s gastronomic sector should feel very proud of the appreciation that Doña Isabel has made of Costa Rican cuisine and the respect for local products, she is one of the great references of national gastronomy”.

    For his part, Carlos Rodríguez, president of the National Association of Chefs (ANCH), noted that the activity is a great moment for the chef, an icon of Costa Rican gastronomy, the woman who led cooking to become art and culture thanks to the Award Magon. During the activity there was a tour of the Campabadal dishes. Of course, there was no shortage of pejibaye cream –a real delicacy–, which was praised by the then president of the United States, Barak Obama, during a dinner held at the National Theater, in 2013.

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