Tourists Can Now Discover and Enjoy the Natural Attractions of Bijagua and Río Celeste

    With Special Promotions and Contributing to Conservation of the Tapir

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    Costa Ricans and foreign visitors will be able to discover and enjoy the natural attractions of the Bijagua and Río Celeste area with special promotions and contribute to the conservation of the tapir. This initiative is carried out by the Chamber of Tourism of Bijagua and Río Celeste (Caturi). There will be special rates on lodging, food, and tours during the month.

    The Río Celeste and Bijagua areas are characterized by having a unique natural wealth. There, we can find everything from the exuberant Rio Celeste waterfall, located in the Tenorio Volcano National Park, to activities to enjoy waterfalls, rivers, frog tours, sloth sighting, and the best, a great job in favor of the conservation of the tapir

    That is why, in the month of September, the businessmen of the area, who are part of the Chamber of Tourism of Río Celeste and Bijagua (Caturi), come together to promote this natural paradise and invite visitors to discover new beauties. of the country, with special rates during the month. Also, learn more about the work done by the Nai program, of the Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation, for the conservation of the tapir.

    Claudia Silva, president of Caturi, affirms that this initiative seeks to boost the economy of the area through different production chains in the canton of Upala and for Costa Ricans to discover new destinations at affordable prices.

    Río Celeste

    “Furthermore, this activity aims for people who visit Bijagua and Río Celeste to support the conservation of the Tapir or Danta, the largest land mammal in Costa Rica and which is in danger of extinction. And, that in the Tapir Valley tour they have the opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat”, added Silva.

    During September, all those companies that are part of the Month of the Tapir will offer a better rate to the national tourist. As well as special promotions and preferential packages to visit the area.

    Many types of activities

    In terms of activities, there are many things you can do. If you like waterfalls, you can visit the Bijagua Waterfalls project, which offers you a walk through wonderful trails, a viewpoint, two waterfalls, and a river, with some pools. In addition, they have 7 cabins with lodging for families and groups of friends. An interesting fact about this project is that it generates its electricity with an aperton, an electricity generator thanks to the energy of water.

    If what you like is sighting different species of frogs, the ideal place is Frog Paradise. There you can walk through three trails and take a day and night tour. At night you can see several species of frogs and during the day sloths, monkeys, birds, among others.

    Another option is Finca La Carmela, a place where you have several options, take a tour to learn about plants of different species, a night walk to see frogs and other species or enjoy a delicious waterfall and a hot water pool, with water that comes from natural springs and is heated.

    If what you want is to learn about traditional Costa Rican food, Mrs. Vicky and Mr. Marcelino will receive you at their home, a home that reminds us of the Costa Rica of yesteryear. There you can prepare delicious empanadas, biscuits and even tamales. Also, they offer the option of staying with them.

    Month of the Tapir

    Finally, the tour that you cannot miss in this Month of the Tapir is the Tapir Valley, where accompanied by guides you can walk through the Valley at night and see the tapir in its natural habitat. In addition, learn from the team of naturists, biologists, veterinarians and others, from the Nai project, from the Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation, about all the work they do to monitor and conserve the Tapir.In the area there are also options for hanging bridges and sloth sightings.


    As for lodging, there are options for all tastes and budgets. One option is the Hotel el Cacao, a hotel with rooms for two and up to 4 people. The Tenorio Lodge is a hotel located between the Miravalles and Tenorio volcanoes, it has 13 Bungalows with an exceptional view of the Tenorio volcano, its rooms are luxurious and spacious. Casitas Tenorio is another lodging option, it is surrounded by nature and has an active farm where they produce their own cheese and dairy products.

    Tierras Altas is an option to enjoy as a couple or in families of 3 people, they are small houses with fine finishes, which in addition to the main room, have a living room, equipped kitchen, breakfast area and a bathroom. While you enjoy the lodging you can enjoy bird watching, tapirs and even coatis.

    El Rancho de Moncho offers you cabins to stay surrounded by nature and a delicious typical breakfast, where you can even participate in the preparation of tortillas in a wood-fired kitchen.

    If you are looking for a more luxurious option, in Río Celeste you will find Río Celeste Hideaway, recently recognized as one of the 10 best hotels in Central America and among the 100 best in the world. It offers Bungalows immersed in nature and an exclusive path to the Celeste River, with a bathing area. From September 20th and the entire month of October they will have discounts for nationals and residents.

    In Bijagua you will find Origins Luxury Lodge, in the heart of the pristine mountainous tropical forest, which offers lodges and luxury villas with a 180-degree view of the farm that is located, the volcanoes and Lake Nicaragua, an external jacuzzi to enjoy of the views and dream rooms.

    Places for lunch and dinner will not be lacking. You will be able to taste delicious casados ​​and a unique preparation of smoked meat in the Soda Casta. In the Cabaña you can enjoy beautiful facilities while you taste a variety of dishes that range from a hamburger to a delicious cut of meat. And if you want pizza and a variety of options, Pizzería La Barrigona is the option, in addition to pizza it offers meat cuts, rice dishes and others.

    All these tour options, accommodations and restaurants will have special promotions in September.

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