Tips for Eating Healthy On Holidays

    Staying aerobic and rewarding eaten treats are ways to make smart, healthy choices while still enjoying Christmas

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    For many people, December is synonymous with festivals and traditions where different gastronomic dishes cannot be missed.Research shows that during this month, most adults generally gain weight; however, there are ways to make smart, healthy choices while still enjoying yourself.

    Tica Dietitian Julia Zumpano shared a series of tips to achieve this:

    Aerobic activity

    Moving steadily and regularly is one of the most effective ways to maintain or lose body weight. During the Christmas season, it is recommended to increase the usual exercise by five to ten minutes.

    Rewarding Treats

    It’s okay to indulge in a small serving of a sweet or savory Christmas drink or treat, as long as you reward yourself by reducing your total caloric intake or burning extra calories while exercising.

    Controlling the risk of temptation

    While not all situations can be controlled, focusing on not having contact with “tentative” foods is an effective way to control calorie intake. For example, sweets can be stored in less accessible places.

    Eat fruits and vegetables

    Recommended vegetables to control diabetes

    It is recommended to eat seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day, as they will help fill the stomach.

    Avoid going to parties hungry

    Before attending parties, it is recommended to eat a healthy snack or a serving of fruit or nuts.

    Be in charge of party choices

    Bring healthy appetizers like pre-cut raw veggies, wheat pita chips, fruit salad, and more. It can also be tried with fat-free pudding, fruit, or low-sugar cookies.

    Say no politely

    It is important to learn to say no politely when people put food in front of you, or order the portion to take home.

    Focus on socializing

    One tactic is not to be around the table where the food is, and otherwise, go out to talk.

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