Tamarindo Beach, One ofthe Most Beautiful Destinations in the World to Watch The Sunset

    UK travel blog Morning Life determined the places with the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets in the world

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    The blog specialized in travel and tourism Morning Life from the United Kingdom ranked Playa Tamarindo de Santa Cruz, in Guanacaste, among the most beautiful places in the world to appreciate the sunsets based on the opinion of travelers who use the Tripadvisor online platform.

    For the study, Morning Life collected data on the best places to see the sunrise and sunset by searching for “things to do” using the keywords “sunset” and “sunrise” in every country in the world and every state of the world.

    “Places with the highest number of mentions of, respectively, ‘sunset’ and ‘sunrise’ in their reviews were deemed the best places to watch the sunset or sunrise,” the publication explains.

    For the selection of places, physical locations were included; that is, public spaces such as: mountain peaks, beaches, buildings and establishments such as hotels. The data was collected in November 2021.

    A dazzling display of color

    “As the sun sets and twilight sets in, a dazzling display of color is followed by a serene interlude before night falls. It’s a beautiful sight wherever you are, but which corners of the world offer the most memorable sunsets? We analyzed the number of mentions of “sunset” in Tripadvisor attraction reviews to find out,” say the producers of Morning Life.

    The study of the blog was reviewed by the journalist, Alvaro MartínezFernández, from the publication Viajar de España of the company PrensaIbérica, located in the city of Madrid.

    World exhibition

    Tripadvisor is an online platform that collects millions of opinions about certain businesses in the tourism sector (hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cruise ships, etc.). It has a traffic of more than 460 million unique visitors per month with more than 760 million tourist opinions.

    HernánImhoff, President of the Tamarindo Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTT), indicated that “appearing in a study that has such relevance among the traveling public represents an enormous honor; Furthermore, it confirms that the natural beauties of the region are part of the strengths and attractions that visitors appreciate the most”.

    “Tamarindo Beach is the only one in Costa Rica that appears in that ranking of sunsets in the country. This is a clear sign that we must work hard on sustainability issues to take care of the community’s environment. This care is of vital importance to enhance this competitive advantage that has brought so much benefit to the local economy”, explained the President of the CCTT.

    Mallory Square (United States), a waterfront plaza located in the city of Key West in Florida, known for its “Sunset Celebration” was the place that ranked first for the beauty of the sunset with 9,811 mentions on Tripadvisor.

    According to the information written by the reporter MartínezFernández, the Sunset Celebration in Key West includes craft exhibitions, street artists and food stalls, which attracts hundreds of tourists who come every night to see and “celebrate” the sunset.

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