What Makes Costa Rica Such an Admired and Respected Country in the World?

    Still with many challenges to face as a society

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    Costa Rica is the country number 25 in the human development index of the United Nations Development Program and despite the pandemic, it was able to find sustainability with the environment and with the preservation of human life.Costa Rica is a united, democratic country, therefore, it inspires confidence. In addition, it seeks to maintain the equality and rights of all its people.

    A nation at peace

    Currently, Costa Rica is a country that does not have an army and thanks to this the national budget is more focused on improving education, health, work, security and access to drinking water and electricity services.

    Tourism, a pole of development

    Another quality that identifies it is its great tourist attraction for being one of the countries most recognized for its high biodiversity and the third most innovative country in Latin America.

    Solid democracy

    If compared to other countries governed by dictatorship and violence, Costa Rica is not one of them, but rather can be proud of a democracy, which has lasted for 200 years, where peace and words represent the most powerful weapon to bring about change.

    One of its main qualities is that, being a relatively small country, it enjoys many natural resources, and “political, social and economic stability”, which it strives to improve every day.

    A complex history

    But the truth is that Costa Rica in the past was nothing like the way of life today. The struggles and battles that were fought have forged a path to live in an independent, peaceful, sovereign and democratic Nation.

    In 1821, on September 15th, the Central American Independence Act was signed, commemorating the countries of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Costa Rica signed the Independence Act on October 29th, 1821 and signed the Pact of Concord on December 1st, the latter giving Costa Rica political stability.

    This pact was the main reason why Costa Rica became  a country with tolerance for people of different beliefs. Therefore, making Costa Rica culturally very rich, where different ways of thinking and expression coexist.

    Another of the events that have shaped the present is the Civil War, which, between March and May 1948, lasted 44 days. This war was due to the annulment of the presidential elections. After it, the president who emerged from the struggle, José Figueres, decided to abolish the army, considering that it implied useless expenses and that it did not guarantee the stability of the country. This is the reason for the absence of the army in Costa Rican territory. Since 1949, elections have been held regularly every four years.

    All these events and many more, such as women’s vote and their greater participation in political affairs, the fight for independence against William Walker’s mercenary army, among many others aspects, have been very key to a peaceful and sovereign Costa Rica. In this way, its democracy gives true power to the people, as means for improving the country.

    An even better Costa Rica

    But the Tico people still have that right to raise their voices to achieve a better Costa Rica. It is a stable country, and it has improved a lot through the years, but it is not classified as a developed country, in fact, it is an underdeveloped country, with economic and social development problems that persist in fiscal and external imbalances, which cause social inequalities.

    The Costa Rican society has access to education, health and security services, thanks to the struggle and good decisions made by our ancestors.However, it is necessary to take actions to change the adverse situations still present and thus ensure a successful future for Costa Rica. This can be achieved with hard work and perseverance, also with a joint action where care is built and fostered anchoring on what has been achieved so far.

    The change begins with the use of natural resources and the sustainable use of the environment. Let’s take advantage of our resources, always in harmony and sustainability with the environment.

    An alert to Tico youth

    Another situation to be addressed by the Tico society, mainly its young people, is the inappropriate use of technology, which can disconnect them from the current reality, deceiving them of what is really happening at a social, economic, political, and religious levels, among others. In this way, many people are not aware of these present problems that are faced every day thus highlighting a part of society that shows an apathy towards citizen participation.

    All the citizens of the country have the responsibility to make the change and try to build a better society. We should not let your guard down at decisive times. In this way, the commitment is shared and we must all contribute the necessary and essential actions to offer a better future to the present and next generations.

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