Ecocultural Walk Will Recover Public Spaces in Cartago

    The BANHVI approved ¢ 264.1 for the construction of a paved boulevard and a square in the shape of a semicircle

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    El Tejar and San Isidro de El Guarco, in Cartago, will have a new space that aims to recover and renovate public spaces, sports areas and the creation of communal meeting areas.

    For the creation of the Ecocultural Walk, the Housing Mortgage Bank (BANHVI) approved ¢ 264.1 million. A paved boulevard and a semicircle-shaped plaza will be built with benches, metal garbage cans, concrete drinking fountains, native trees, perimeter sidewalk, among others.

    It is estimated that cultural activities, musical concerts, dance shows and other activities will take place on the soccer field, where a new electrical system and lights will be installed.

    The work is financed with resources from the Community Bond and is already under construction. This, after 27 years since the Board of Directors of the San Isidro Integral Development Association processed before the local government the request to close the street on the south side of the sports plaza, the school, the Amubis Cultural Center, the center of nutrition and the headquarters of the Public Force.

    A beautiful project

    Víctor Arias, mayor of El Guarco, stated: “The municipality has been part of this beautiful project since its inception, participating in the initial tripartite contract between the San Isidro Integral Development Association, the designer and the local government. Once the contest was won, we contracted to prepare the construction plans and specifications, investing a total of ₡ 6,145,791”.

    As for the beneficiaries of the initiative, it is estimated that there are more than 15,000 people from neighboring communities such as San Isidro, Higuito, Guatuso and El Guayabal in the district of San Isidro, and from Tejar, some such as: La Sabana, Barrio Nuevo, La Fundación and El Cacique urbanization.

    The company in charge of the works is Molina Arce Construcción y Consultoría. The MUCAP as an authorized entity is in charge of supervising the correct use of the resources of the communal voucher; the quality of the materials and the fulfillment of the specifications in the construction plans.
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