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    The Most Epic Mountains of Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is dotted with mountains, volcanoes, and high cliffs. There are actually 368 peaks in Costa Rica and several of them are 3,000...

    “La Mano Del Arenal”: the Giant that Emerges From the Mountain Overlooking the Lagoon

    The “Owner of the Mount”, is the name of the mystical tale and from which a giant emerges who cares for the Arenal mountain.
    Costa Rica A Riot of Wildlife Surrounded by Mountains and Ocean

    Costa Rica: A Riot of Wildlife Surrounded by Mountains and Ocean

    Not sure where to go this weekend? Do you want to relax a little on the bonuses you received from, but don’t want to go somewhere where you have already been? We invite you to go to Costa Rica

    This Summer Smells Like the Mountains of Costa Rica

    This Huele a Montaña (Smells Like Mountains) initiative has been developed by the different tourism chambers of each town and was born with the aim of allowing a sustainable reactivation of tourism.
    International Mountain Day 11 December

    Imagine Costa Rica with no Mountains; Now Let's Celebrate International Mountain Day

    Mountains are actually extremely important (they do have their own holiday!) and integral to life on our planet for human beings, animals, plants —pretty much the entire global ecosystem. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is the body responsible for organizing this worldwide commemoration

    UNA Cameras Captured the Presence of Bush Dogs in Costa Rica

    A brief video of cameras belonging to the National University (UNA) captured, in the southern area of our country, the presence of a mammal...

    Why Costa Rica Is the Happiest Place on Earth

    Do you know why Costa Rica is considered one of the happiest places in the world and the most beautiful to visit? Here are...

    5 Reasons explaining the Fascination about Costa Rica

    Tourism in Costa Rica is booming since years. Meanwhile about 5 million people are living in the country of “Pura Vida”. And more than...

    Why is Costa Rica so Amazing? Its Waterfalls and Rivers!

    Costa Rica is known for being one of the most visually stunning countries in Latin America. Travelers, tourists, and locals are always astounded by...
    In this photo taken Oct. 16, 2009, a man cuts down a tree in the Monarch butterfly reserve near Ocampo, Mexico. After decades of trying to stop logging in Mexico's Monarch butterfly reserve, biologists and park workers are having to cut down thousands of fir trees themselves, to combat an unprecedented infestation of bark beetles they say may have been unleashed by climate change. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

    Illegal Deforestation in Mexico to Plant Avocado Trees

    Due to the avocado's growing popularity in The United States and around the world as a healthy superfood, Mexican farmers have found that it's...
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    Costa Rica: Five Senses (Video)

    In Costa Rica the visitor can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, the grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, scintillating culture, all the necessary components of...
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