Costa Rica: A Riot of Wildlife Surrounded by Mountains and Ocean

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    Not sure where to go this weekend? Do you want to relax a little on the bonuses you received from, but don’t want to go somewhere where you have already been? We invite you to go to Costa Rica, a country that is attractive, first of all, for its natural attractions; on its territory, there are mysterious caves and majestic volcanoes, as well as fragrant flower meadows, impenetrable forests, and waterfalls.

    Find out which famous and unique places in Costa Rica you must see

    Playa Grande

    The enchanting Playa Grande Beach, covered in soft white sand, is renowned for being one of the best surfing spots in the country. Not everyone knows that it is also an important natural landmark. This beach was chosen as a nesting place for rare species of sea turtles. Currently, the beach is located on the territory of the Marino Las Baulas marine reserve. The turtle population has declined dramatically in recent years. Now the marine reserve is actively involved in various environmental programs aimed at increasing the population of turtles.

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    Chieftain Settlements and Stone Balls of the Dikis Tribe

    Costa Rica is also ready to surprise travelers with unusual sights; stone balls remain one of the main mysteries of the country. In total, about 300 of these balls were discovered at the mouth of the Diquis River, they can be seen both on the Nicoya Peninsula and on the territory of Kanyo Island. Mysterious balls of limestone, sandstone, or gabbro come in various sizes, some are only about an inch across, while others are two meters in cross-section and weigh more than 15 tons.

    Francisco Alvarado Park

    The most important attraction of Costa Rica is the Francisco Alvarado Park, which can be safely called a real work of landscape design. In this park, visitors will have the opportunity to see incredibly beautiful and interesting labyrinths of living plants, as well as living sculptures covered with moss. They are one of the most unusual decorations in the park, some sculptures are partially made of stone, and are complemented by interesting plants. The craftsmen grow special moss on the stones, which allows them to create an imitation of living sculptures.



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