Top 5 Homework Assignment Ideas for Tutors in 2021

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    Some students think that homework assignments are not crucial for learning. When you look at the research, homework assignments are considered an essential part of learning. It is hard to learn everything in the classroom. The tutors must give a homework assignment to the students to improve the learning process. Every student must complete the homework assignments. Some complain that most of these assignments are boring. You can make these assignments attractive for the students by using the top homework assignment ideas.

    Explaining a video

    Everybody likes to watch a movie these days. Instead of telling your students to read a history book, you should ask them to watch a film based on history. It will allow them to grasp the details of the historical events quickly. You can assign a task of explaining it in the form of an essay. It is an excellent way to learn because humans have a better visual memory. Students can learn from the video and write the essay with dedication when tutors use this procedure. Sometimes it happens that for some reason a student can’t proceed with the task, in this case, it’s totally fine to recommend a homework assignment help online service.

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    Doing some research

    Most students are not good at research because they are accustomed to learning from textbooks. If you can give research skills to the students, it will provide benefits for a long time. You can ask your students to do some research as a homework assignment. There is no need to choose a boring topic when you are assigning the research-based homework assignment. You can ask them to make a list of movies that won Oscars in the last ten years. It will help the students learn about different historical movies of good quality. You can also assign to make a list of influential people in a specific field. If you are teaching science, you can ask them to write a short biography of the ten most influential people in the field of science these days. It is a practical way of giving knowledge of the latest trends to your students.

    Replying to an email

    If you are afraid that your students will copy the content of assignments from other students and write it in their own words, you can ask the students to reply to the specific email. It is possible to send different types of emails to different students so they can write a reply without copying other students. You can send an email with a short story and ask their students to reply with the moral of the story and what they understood from it. It is an excellent way to educate your students about the importance of email. If you assign them the email base homework assignments frequently, they can use this skill to attract clients using emails in the future.

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    Reading newspaper

    People who use social media think that reading newspaper is an old way of learning about new things. Still, you can get many benefits when you read the newspapers because it has organized information. If you are teaching about current affairs, you can ask your students to read the newspaper and write a report about the front page. Once your students read the newspaper, they will learn new words. It is going to increase their vocabulary. If your students are not receiving any newspapers, they can go to the news company website and view the online copy. They can type their report while reading the online copy of the newspaper also.

    Making a physical product

    It is the traditional way of giving homework assignments to your students. If you are teaching arts, you can ask your students to make a painting as their homework assignment. You can also assign them a task to make a science project. Making a physical product increases confidence in the students that they can do something practical. It is essential that you assign or task that does not require a big budget. It should be easy for them to make the physical product without extra financial burden.


    By looking at the top 5 tips for the tutors in 2021, we can conclude that these ideas are excellent for students of all subjects. As the trend of online classes is increasing, you can rely on these ideas to make different variations of the homework assignments.



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