Spiritual Intelligence in Our Human Condition

    What characteristics does a person express, to be considered as such

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    Today it is more and more common to talk or hear about spirituality, even though as a concept the true meaning does not clearly settle, it is already accepted by more people. However, that frequency has to be expanded in all human beings.

    It should be noted that Abraham Maslow (1976) the main promoter of humanism; it opens the door to the development of spirituality. After Gardner, author of Multiple Intelligences, (who, in addition to everything, his contributions saved many of us from being “donkeys”); at the beginning it publishes only eight, but a year later it adds the ninth and it is precisely Spirituality.

    What do we mean when we talk about spirituality?

    Surely we have heard someone say that he is very spiritual. But what characteristics or attributes does that person express or manifest, to be considered as such? Without a doubt, it is an issue that has been accompanying us as humanity, but also, that it lacks a good distance to be accepted and recognized. Just as it happened with Emotional Intelligence (unknown and surprising to some) and many more topics that have had to do with the essentials of the human being.

    We find ourselves today at the dawn of the expression of spirituality. What a pleasure, what emotion, one more step in this process of integration of the dimensions of the Human Being.

    Spiritual Intelligence

    It is important to mention that the Spiritual Intelligence, defined by some researchers on the subject as a system of capacities necessary for the deep understanding of questions of meaning that make possible the integration of all the dimensions of the person, the resolution of existential problems, transcendence and transformation of everyday reality.

    Others consider that Spiritual Intelligence is characterized by the fundamental assessment of life, how we face and solve problems, as the capacity for transcendence that involves different skills, such as contact with the true self, using spiritual resources to solve problems in life; that is, to be virtuous and behave as such.

    It is urgent to develop and use Spiritual Intelligence, to situate ourselves with respect to the cosmos, to existential features of the human condition, which include the meaning of life, the meaning of death and the final destiny of the physical and psychological world.

    We cannot remain denying our condition, here we are, but we were not always, at least not like this. And not recognizing it limits us from being who we truly are, as well as from using all the potential we bring.

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