“Essential Costa Rica”: The Country Brand that Aspires to Continue Promoting National Competitiveness

    More than 700 Tico companies have this renowned seal

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    A strategy launched almost ten years ago has allowed Costa Rica to project itself to the world by comprehensively promoting tourism, trade and investment, hand in hand with environmental sustainability and national culture.

    This is “Essential Costa Rica”, the Country Brand that promotes the national image, which in addition to having a positioning axis or marketing element, also enhances competitiveness.

    Excellence, sustainability, innovation, social progress and Costa Rican connection are the values ​​that companies that wish to achieve this seal or recognition must have.

    And it is that small and medium-sized companies can benefit from the Country Brand to gain reputation and prestige, since this licensing process gives them better conditions to project themselves.

    “Essential Costa Rica”: The Country Brand that Aspires to Continue Promoting National Competitiveness

    A stronger position for the country

    “It is a brand that has been successful and this is demonstrated or confirmed by the aggressive growth of exports in recent years, foreign investment and even tourism, which has enjoyed a stronger position; These three sectors are the engine of the economy and great generators of employment,” said Pedro Beirute, general manager of the Costa Rican Trade Promoter (Procomer) and president of the Country Brand Committee.

    In addition, obtaining the Country Brand seal is a simple and inexpensive process, which has allowed more than 700 companies to obtain the “Essential Costa Rica” license, according to the manager.

    The process begins with an online self-assessment of the interested company, the second phase is to have an independent certifier who prepares an assessment report, which will be delivered to Procomer for study; Throughout this procedure, the only cost is the hiring of the evaluation team.

    Due to the high positioning of the brand at an international level, no radical change in its concept is in sight, since one of the main strengths of “Essential Costa Rica” is the continuity it has had over time.

    A greater volume in the messaging

    “For the future, what we foresee is a greater volume in the messages of the brand in everything that has to do with sustainability, we believe that Costa Rica has to continue betting on that message of a sustainable country, in a broad sense, both environmental, social and economic,” added Beirute.

    Likewise, he assured that Costa Rica is capable of inspiring and generating confidence at an international level, for which the brand will continue to take advantage of the good reputation that the country has in relation to sustainability.

    “We are unique in the world, we are different, and that is why we must take advantage of that strength to continue polishing and debugging it, the good and positive thing is that it is a message and a brand consistent with our history, that is why it will continue to be the axis of communication, in projecting and promoting the issue of sustainability and business with a purpose”, Beirute pointed out.

    Another of the highlights of Essential Costa Rica” is that, being a Costa Rican bonding brand, it has allowed many multinational companies to be certified as a Country Brand, due to the fact that they generate employment, linkages and investment.

    If you want to know more about the Country Brand, you can discover more details through the “Essential Costa Rica” website, where all the information about the licensing process is detailed.

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