A Holistic Approach To Balance the Spiritual and the Material in Humanity

A Holistic Approach To Balance the Spiritual and the Material in Humanity

Human beings constantly are in the search to satisfy their needs, ranging from covering physical and material priorities, to filling that spiritual component, that which motivates us, that keeps us excited and most importantly, that which connects us with the universe.

As we know, spiritual life is that of our soul, and material life is that of our body. It is not really that we have two lives independent of each other, the whole of spiritual and material life is our human life.

Between the poor and the rich, generally it seems that the poor are in a better position to grasp the spiritual aspect because the rich live in eternal fear of losing their material posessions while the poor live in eternal hope.

So we can see that there is clearly different ways in which humanity lives its spiritual and material essence from even very different economic positions.

Let`s read some wise excerpts that the great spiritual teacher OSHO gives us:

The rich man lives in a state of fear. Even if he is enjoying something, or trying to enjoy it, his guilt poisons him. The poor man is already living in difficulty, but he has consolation in hope”. “The teacher tells us that we are neither material nor spiritual, we are both at the same time, and that to reach God it is not an indispensable requirement to be poor, which for the rich is also the kingdom of God.” “One should not belong neither to the school of the materialists nor the school of the spiritualists, the approach should be total, holistic.” “ Believing that man is both things together, spiritual and material. “There is no in-between the material and the spiritual, man is a spiritual material”.

The spiritual means the center of your being and the material means the circumference of your being. The circumference cannot exist if there is no center, and the center cannot exist if there is no circumference.”

Do not praise poverty. Both kinds of wealth must be offered to man: Science has developed the technology to make you rich externally. Religion has developed the technology to make you rich internally: this is through Yoga, Tantra, Taoism, Sufism, Hassidism; these are the technology of the internal, of the spiritual”.

The West has materially succeeded in getting rich, and now it is bored and too tired. The journey has taken away all his spirit. The journey is over with the western man. Outside you have everything you want, but you have lost all contact with your interior”.

Now all that man needs is at his disposal, but man himself is not there. There are his possessions, but the teacher has disappeared; there has been a huge imbalance. The wealth is there but the man does not feel rich at all”.

The spiritual and material essence are a kind of seasonings that season our lives. And invites us to maintain that contact with everything that flows from love, from understanding, from God and the other, to enjoy everything that we have achieved with effort but without departing from our spiritual consciousness.”

Taken from the book: Fame, Fortune and Ambition; by OSHO.

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