“Reiki” Therapy, What It Is, How It Works and the Benefits It Brings To Your Well-being

An ancient art for physical and spiritual healing

Reiki is a Sanskrit word derived from the words Rei and Ki. Rei would be the equivalent of universal energy and Ki vital energy. It is an art for spiritual healing. It is not a type of massage, nor is it based on religious beliefs or suggestions.

Reiki generally uses sessions that can last between 60 and 90 minutes. The session is conducted by a practitioner or Reiki master by laying hands on specific positions. During the session, the patient is fully dressed and lying comfortably on a massage table or sitting in a chair.

Reiki is a subtle and effective form of healing that uses spiritually guided life energy. This is practiced in all countries of the world; it is also used in many areas including hospitals, hospices, as well as in private practices and as a means of self-treatment. It is a wonderful complimentary modality in personal wellness and healing programs.

The Reiki method is based on the Hindu belief of the “Chakras”, which explains the state of health of human beings. According to this belief, the malfunction or blockage of one or more Chakras would be the cause of a poor state of health, leading to diseases and disorders of all kinds.

The benefits of practicing Reiki:

The healing effects of Reiki generally produce a complete harmonization of a human being. This practice stimulates and awakens the internal forces of each person, balances their energy centers, and improves metabolic functions of the body. In fact, in principle, there are no known contraindications or negative side effects of any kind.

In the physical well-being:

It helps to alleviate all kinds of physical pain, inflammation, skin problems, injuries, fractures, anxiety, etc.

In the mental or emotional aspect:

It helps to alleviate emotional problems, depression, insomnia, aggressiveness, unhappiness, sadness, and heartbreak.

Spiritual or transpersonal aspect: Reiki helps you find harmony, peace, and inner balance, aligns yourself with your life mission, etc.

This practice is only slightly related to meditation and relaxation. And it is that the patient must remain to lie down, with the eyes closed (and it is normal to fall asleep), which, together with relaxing music and aromatherapy, produces a calming and relaxing effect. The most important advantage, therefore, is that two-way communication is not established by the receiver with the person so that the therapist is not physically exhausted doing the practice.

How is this technique different from others?

One of the fundamental differences between this technique of channeling energy through the hands to other techniques in which the hands are also used is that with Reiki, the therapist does not use his body energy, but rather simply channels the universal energy, without touching the patient’s body.

Finally, those who practice it consider that Reiki is very effective in improving any type of bodily discomfort and disorder, also states of emotional disturbance such as depression or lack of vitality or energy. This is due to its harmonizing action on the immune system and its ability to stimulate the forces of organic regeneration. For this reason, we invite you to experience this wonderful method and recover those energies that may have been having lost along the way. 

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