How To Put Your Mind In Blank For Meditation

Controlling your thoughts brings many health benefits

Mind In Blank

Meditation focuses on the control of the mind, it is a millenary practice where people become aware of their thoughts and manage to train their minds to obtain peace, calm and inner serenity. Currently, many people join in this wonderful practice.

Meditation today is the antidote for many of the great epidemics of the twentieth century, stress, anxiety, depression, among other disorders. One of the benefits of meditating is that people obtain greater well-being, increase their quality of life and, ultimately, enjoy a very happy life.

Leaving the mind blank to meditate

You will surely think that sitting in a quiet place and leaving your mind blank is one of the simplest things to do. But that is not the reality, and that is because, separating all our thoughts is a task that requires concentration and practice.

Our mind is so accustomed to thought, memory, and anticipation of the future, that we find it difficult to leave the mind in blank to meditate, and where everything that goes through your mind during those moments, stay in the background.

5 keys aspects for leaving your mind blank

  1. First, do not leave issues pending before starting to meditate. For example, jobs, a task, a chore, etc. If you have something to do, don’t postpone it. In this way, you concentrate on the act of meditating without that weight of what you have pending to carry out.
  2. Choose very comfortable clothes for the meditation.
  3. Select a place to meditate that inspires silence, tranquility and relaxation. A place where you can adopt a comfortable posture.
  4. If before you begin to meditate, you are restless for any reason, for example, a worry that distresses you, then write down those thoughts and feel how when you put that inner weight on paper, you free yourself from that load
  5. The eyes may be closed or open depending on how you feel better, however, we recommend at first do it with your eyes closed so as not to distract yourself with the external environment and deepen your inner world.

You should keep in mind that not every day is the same. This means that, if you meditate regularly, you will experience very positive sensations and there will be other times when you have the feeling of not having reached the desired state of relaxation. This is something natural. For this reason, if you feel you are blocking yourself, do not feel that all is lost.

We recommend you visit a center for meditation, where a specialized instructor can guide you in this art of silencing the mind and entering into harmony and peace.

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