Discover the History and Art of Costa Rica from Home

The quarantine is not limiting you to visit Museums in a virtual way

In these days that we are living the pandemic of COVID-19 where everyone should stay at home, the National Museum of Costa Rica (MNCR) invites all, both native and foreign, to enjoy its exhibitions from the comfort of home through a computer or mobile devices.

The National Museum of Costa Rica offers you a visit to its exhibitions and facilities. Also, read articles or watch videos about archaeological, historical and nature research carried out by the institution, all this and more just by entering the address

Maribel Mendieta, responsible for web design and content, stated: this design is responsive, meaning that it adapts to smartphones, tablets, among others. Besides, it has a tool that allows content to be translated into six languages.

Technology connects us with art

Through 360° photography, people will be able to visit the three main permanent exhibitions of the Museum. These are Pre-Columbian History, “History of Costa Rica, XVI-XIXI centuries” and Butterfly Garden.

1. Pre-Columbian History: This exhibition chronologically tells the history of Costa Rica, before the arrival of the Spanish. In the virtual tour, the funerary patterns used by the ancient inhabitants stand out, as well as ceramics and hierarchical status artifacts.

2. “History of Costa Rica, XVI-XIXI centuries”: This exhibition takes a tour of the main historical, economic and political events of Costa Rica from the XVI century to the present day. The virtual tour is divided into three Epochs: Contact and conquest, colonial times and recent history.

3. Butterfly Garden: It is an overview of this garden, which will soon be open to the general public.

The photos are accessible from the page of each exhibition. In the “exhibitions” section, you will find the permanent exhibitions and in them a button that says “Visit the Virtual Room.” Also, through photographs, the page shows you the other exhibitions that the Museum has at the moment, including “Dialogue”, by Ingrid Rudelman, “We are neighbors, Wild fauna in the city” and the beautiful Houses of the commanders.

The new portal allows you to get to know the Museum virtually, from anywhere in the world and at any time, discover and enjoy the valuable heritage that we Costa Ricans have through hundreds of photographs, more than 30 videos and a lot of related information that show the diversity of collections that it protects, the exhibitions and the management in conservation of the archaeological sites and the natural heritage of the country; as well as the work in the prevention of illegal possession and illicit trafficking of pre-Columbian objects. 

Other sections of the museum that will interest you

The collections section shows a gallery of images and videos of pre-Columbian objects and outstanding natural specimens from the 26 types of collections that the Museum preserves.

Also, the portal includes a section of educational articles for the entire public, with topics on biodiversity, archeology, history, conservation, and restoration.

Without a doubt, this is a timely option to learn more about the culture, history, and part of Costa Rica, without violating the health and safety measures taken during the COVID-19 quarantine.

We take a chance to remind you to stay home and comply with all the security parameters recommended by the World Health Organization.

SOURCEArgelis Desiree Torrealba
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