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    Bacteria Can Survive in Outer Space

    Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast: Synthetic Biology for the Benefit of Humanity

    We can genetically engineer a kombucha Scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) to produce psilocybin while it ferments. We can do this by...

    Do We Deserve a Second Chance?

    "It produces an immense sadness to think that nature speaks while the human race does not listen" Not only masks and gloves but also plastic...

    Humanity Exhausted All Planetary Resources of 2020 this Past Weekend

    Humanity is in debt since this past Saturday, August 22nd: from this moment on, it will have consumed the natural resources that the Earth...
    Warriors of light

    Warriors of Light: How to Know if You Are One of them?

    Be better people every day regardless of difficulties The people who are considered warriors of light are those who, at a subtle and energetic level,...
    A Holistic Approach To Balance the Spiritual and the Material in Humanity

    A Holistic Approach To Balance the Spiritual and the Material in Humanity

    Human beings constantly are in the search to satisfy their needs, ranging from covering physical and material priorities, to filling that spiritual component

    Pandemics That Have Plagued Humanity Throughout History

    Throughout human history, there have been outbreaks of diseases that have affected an immense number of people in many regions of the world. If...

    Humanity Will Have Exhausted On August 1st All Renewable Resources Corresponding to 2018

    Humanity will have consumed on August 1st the set of resources that nature can renew in a year and will live "in debt" for...

    Humanity will advance faster with a woman leader of the UN

    Costa Rican Christiana Figueres, key figure of the global climate change agreement in 2015 and aspiring leader of the UN, ensures that having a...

    Costa Rica Places in the Top of the New Good Country Index

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – In a new analysis, The Good Country Index indicates that Costa Rica is ranked 61 in the world...

    Experience the Self-Healing Power of Pure Love

    Have you ever wished that you could know exactly what you needed to do to become healthy, happy and perfectly balanced in mind, body...

    Humankind at the Edge

    Humanity is the start of the race; I say Humanity is the mold to break away from, the crust to break through, the coal to...
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