Warriors of Light: How to Know if You Are One of them?

warriors of light

Be better people every day regardless of difficulties

The people who are considered warriors of light are those who, at a subtle and energetic level, have assumed for themselves the purpose of contributing to making the world a better place. They are those that when they reach someone’s life can make a difference because of their vitality, warmth, love, support or inspiration.

A warrior of the light is a person who with his loving presence and compassion can transmute the energies to others. They can clean and purify spaces and increase good vibrations.

The warriors of light are characterized by smiling, warm and positive persons. They provide hope, inspiration, and support. They could be spiritual teachers, speakers, or influential people.

We are warriors of the light that shines within us

Becoming a warrior of light or knowing if we are one is a task of self-recognition. It is becoming aware of what the mission has not brought to this life, and taking all the tools we have been acquiring throughout our existence, to cause a positive impact on humanity, starting with ourselves.

This is not a simple task because the road is full of tests and obstacles that limit the action of anyone who decides to become a warrior of the light.

The fundamental task of the warriors of light is to become an inexhaustible source of love, and radiate it to humanity and, if possible, teach other people based on our own lived experiences.

There are different types of warriors of light

1. Healing warriors

They are sensitive, empathic people and with the ability to listen and learn from those who can teach them to help others in their processes.

They are often gifted with clairvoyance or develop the ability to heal others physically or emotionally.

2. Sighted warriors

They are people who have opened their third eye and developed their power of intuition. They are powerful protesters and can “wake up” others, to help them tune in to their purpose.

They can often be interested in sacred geometry, akashic records or other spiritual paths and tools.

3. Leading warriors

A leading warrior imposes nothing on anyone, but others follow him because he is a person who inspires. She works so much on herself that she intends to live authentically and lovingly. Therefore, others want to be near Sayo: motivates them and summons with the energy of their example.

4. Creator warriors

They are people who have developed the power of their manifestation and can determine both the willingness for something to happen, which eventually occurs. They can use meditation and visualization techniques.

5. Unifying warriors

They can bond, to connect with other people with each other. They emphasize the points in common and link energies, even without trying.

In short, the warriors of the light are people who offer their service to others and have as a reward that others also access higher levels of consciousness about themselves and their surroundings.

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