The Cycles of Life are a Continuous Learning Process

    There is something to be learned of every life stage

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    Each age of our life has a learning process that takes you continuously to a balance, this evolution is achieved day to day, that way we create the complicated inner world that we call the unconscious and that during our existence plays and cheats us constantly.

    Life is not combined in the same way when we are six , fifteen or thirty, since each stage teaches different lessons we handle are according to each of these phases. When we make an analysis we realize that there are factors that make us vary, such as cultural, social, religious and personal environment.

    Let’s talk about birth.

    In this we experience the deepest trauma, struggle to find life, leave a liquid space, with a temperature where we have lived for nine months, warm, clean and transparent, labor begins, the baby feels the anguish of the mother, obvious he does not know what happens, he falls in apprehension, waits until the mother dilates, the child just feels that something unexpected is going to happen and falls into lethargy, the birth is a fight to get out, the work has been long and hard and reality begins for a being who has only understood that love and waiting are his only motivation, with a big spanking so that you are received crying, then the cut of the bond that the umbilical cord unites you with the love of your life and you leave the peace, the harmony and the spiritual trance with which you are sent to the planet, then the great reunion with mama, that is why it is called the sweet wait, they are two souls that centuries have been waiting to meet to feed and heal the learning process (good or bad) but called love. Having survived the trauma of birth is the first great lesson of life, as we learn to handle crises and get away with it.

    It is important to know that during pregnancy the child creates learning and conditioning that will lead throughout his life, reborn, always telling how was pregnancy and birth and tells what your life will be like, so in pregnancy we must be careful with the feelings that are handled, such as: pain, anger and rejection, since this is emotional food for the fetus, they are the first life lessons of people, everything is absorbed and emotional food is going gestating with its intrauterine growth, from the moment of pregnancy to the birth of the child’s first programming, he will learn feelings and emotions that he will handle in his new life.

    From birth to seven years.

    Considering it from an organic level, it is at this stage where the basic psychic and corporal structures are built, under the influence of: the inherited, genetic and cultural conditions and contexts of the environment, of the family and society. This is the stage of molding, parents teach to eat, walk, be moderate, to speak, create good habits, they are conditioned to love family and animals, to be honest, to cultivate beliefs, it is a crucial moment where the child becomes a sponge in everything that is related to the lineage, you will learn that what you have observed of the treatment between mom and dad, you will experience it and intimate with your partners, with the family camaraderie later to treat your friends, you will absorb the coexistence with animals and plants to respect nature, and above all is acquiring the first guidelines to be independent.

    School stage.

    The child is the center of attention of the house and goes to what is his first abandonment, being left in school, you have to plant very strong bases in him so that he understands that he goes to a place to share, where there will exist norms and new customs that you will have to face; for parents this stage is also critical since they have to handle external behaviors and teach to adapt the child to new experiences, where perhaps many times the personal misfortune overcomes them, teaching to grow a child is to be a thousand percent positive and not allow the adult frustrations encompass the child. An example is that if during childhood one of the parents suffered from school mistreatment, this can be an explosive point for the father and will cause his frustrations to surface, the child should not be transmited his fears and in those moments of impotence, faced with the harassment of your child, usually two abnormal behaviors are assumed: teach the child to accept that the mistreatment is correct and natural, or teach aggressiveness and send him to beat their peers, leave adult frustration, correct is to teach the young soul that begins his destiny, to live better, it is time to learn that you can not get everything you want, that there is respect and you have to earn it, children in this period learn conformity, that is to know how to handle the teachings, the lack of tolerance and affection will inhibit the development of the child.

    From seven to fourteen Puberty.

    In this cycle the child will learn to grow more as an individual entity and distance himself from his parents, the hormones are on the surface and they feel adults, wanting to make decisions, conflicts between parents and children begin, because the parents are not prepared for the attitudes of independence that the children want to have and the behaviors without measuring the consequences of them, this causes them to remain anxious. This stage is of physical, mental and emotional growth, developing skills in these fields, it is the moment in which the conscious ego is built, creating self-expression, in this phase the will is created through creative, competitive and role-playing games, taking the leadership of groups, that is why gangs are born, to exert power, creativity is also expressed in art, which is always latent, adjusting itself to stay in the ocean of life, where there are no adversaries, only creativity, this It is also a gift where the adolescent can be lost in the evasion, in this cycle of crisis, every child experiences processes that they do not know how to handle, menstruation, uncontrollable nocturnal erections, there are also cultures where at this age adolescents have to show their manhood , be adults and brave, is the time of masturbation and discover their emotions and feelings, this is a period of many confrontation with the parents and the family, since the behavior of the adolescent seeking his independence and hierarchical position in the family is very basic and sometimes from aggression.

    Adolescence from 14 to 21 years old.

    It is a ritual of transition where the family sets standards, society and the school imposes norms, religion demands behavior, and the young person grows under its rules, from this point of view the chaos begins, it is the journey that will indicate who we are, where we are going, the school is the initiatory journey that will indicate new psychological behaviors, safety, adaptability, behaviors, treatments, sociability and self-confidence, it is also the time to know who we are not. In this period that lasts seven years the crisis of puberty begins; according to Carl Jung, the beginning of sexuality corresponds to a birth, it is leaving the breast or psychic environment of parents and families, now parents are adult beings who make mistakes and cease to be infallible, sexual vigor is strong and invades 90% of the behavior, under normal conditions, in adolescence love is experienced, creating strong and stable links in reference to this emotion, it is also the time of conflict, of emotional instability, decision making of sexuality, the looking for new patterns and behaviors to follow, this is the time where parents say and want and the conflict between the right from the external and the correct as an individual begins. People in this phase learn through physical contact and love their future behavior of life and this is the basis to enter their new stage.

    FROM 21 to 28 years old. Sociocultural rebellion against the family or society.

    Until now, we have been playing at being adults and the time has come to face that reality, youth cling to memories and emotional activities, we want to continue playing as if life were an open field for unlimited self-expression, just the strict personal desires are valued, in this lapse the ego begins to play an important role and we start to feel sorry for ourselves, the conflicts of childhood begin to make bad plays and the more they cling to the pain, the rage and the outdated ideas will not be able to letting go of the past, this entails conflicts, entering this adult age in which you are only trying to seek stability, dragging the past is not normal, people at this age seek evasion in drugs, high is the time to take responsibility for everyone and face the mistakes that were made in the crazy living of adolescence, stop judging parents and take the reins, this is the moment to know which way to go in the ride of life, think about marriage, face problems created in previous cycles and accept the stage of being an adult with good bases.

    From the age of 28 to 35, it is the time to exhibit the creative endowment of the personality.

    The true personality and individuality is affirmed, it is the time of a great personal ambition, to overcome and grow economically, for men the ambition is excessive, they are in the splendor of their productivity, they relegate their family to the background with such satiate to their economic visions, we become greedy, selfish and competitive, the fear of dependency in adulthood creates existential panics, this time can be self-destructive, too, the woman focuses on home and child care , abandoning other spaces of life or on the contrary, it assumes an attitude of absolute devotion to its work environment and relegates the family.

    From 35 to 42, there is an individual level of personality.

    It is where more tension is experienced, since there is a need for what one wants to do with the new stage of life, the ravines are close to the skin, purify life, extract everything that has contaminated and cleanse the personality, be reborn, to heal with what has been fought, parents, couple, the past, spiritual guides, society, it is a time of internal and physical healing, to break the shell of what has been created and move from caterpillar to butterfly, to heal the feelings of guilt and responsibilities acquired and donated. It is a new rebirth with maturity and stability, without the sterile struggles to please others, it is the time to grow from the inside out, to flourish, the behavior stabilizes, the mind and soul are on their way to superiority, it is the moment that the ego stops being the master of life, freeing us from everything that takes us away from ourselves, being free and spontaneous allows you to live differently.

    From age 49 to 56, we assume a better social responsibility.

    These years are of personal reconsideration, people are self-absorbed, focusing on the well-being of the family group, if it has healed in the previous stage the judging, the criticism, the mockery, people become great thinkers and teachers of life, adulthood is walking under the shadow of wisdom and personal peace, appreciate life and see the magic of each moment makes this stage magical, is the cycle of preparation to handle life from another approach, cultivation the spiritual is very important as it helps strengthen and bring peace to life.

    From this age on, if you have worked for spiritual growth, people are filled with gifts and wisdom and become guides to future generations, you stop feeling and thinking as judges of life and you begin to understand the natural processes of existence.


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