Simple Ways to be a More Spiritual Person

    Tolerance, generosity and practicing meditation are some of the components that will help you achieve this

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    Spirituality is accepting the world as it is, learning to enjoy it and being grateful for what you have. Although on many occasions it is related to religion, the spirit can be raised without being a follower of any of those that exist in society.

    Steven Aitchison, author of the bestseller “100 Ways to develop Your Mind” defines spirituality as a state where the person manages to fully connect with their thoughts, letting them flow and giving them good advice on how to act in daily life; It also states that carrying it out generates physical benefits.

    How to do it?

    Practice tolerance

    The human being is a social being by nature, however the current pace of life and the need to “survive” have turned him into an individualistic entity. Get out of your mind and surround yourself with other people, even those with whom you don’t have a good relationship. Tolerance is a virtue that you must practice in the place where you live, you work and in your social circle.

    Spirituality feature

    Let your conscience advise you

    The time you spend in traffic or waiting to be attended to in an office, don’t spend it thinking about how bad the world is, better use it to focus on yourself: are you the person you’ve always wanted to be? What do you want to improve in your life? What do you need to be truly happy? When you manage to talk to your conscience for at least 10 minutes each day, you will make better decisions and be able to concentrate properly on your daily tasks.

    Do things you love to free your mind

    Take advantage of the free time you have to do all the activities you like and that the workload and responsibilities do not always allow you to do. Read a book, watch a movie, dance, do yoga, run, paint, sing, etc. When you acquire and carry out a hobby, you free your mind for a while, recharging energy to face new challenges.

    Do something for others, without expecting anything in return

    How long has it been since you did a favor just for the fact of helping someone? Put aside selfishness and do not “charge” what you can do for someone else. Help, provide, support, support… on many occasions the only thing people need is someone to listen to them. Start with something as simple as giving your office colleagues a piece of candy on any given day.

    Disconnect from technology

    Social networks and media have isolated individuals. At least once a week, for an afternoon turn everything off and relax. Go for a walk, sit down and go through a window or better, gather your family and talk with them.

    Meditate daily

    If you do not have the habit of completely disconnecting from the world to just be with yourself, it may be difficult to do it as a daily activity, but start as soon as possible and you will see that in less than you imagine you will need those minutes to relax. Experts on this subject recommend that you delve into your own mind for at least 15 minutes, doing so relieves tension, improves your physical condition (decreases pressure and the risk of heart disease by up to 48% according to the American Heart Association) and improve your performance.

    Do not let the tasks you have to perform daily consume you, first of all give yourself time to be with yourself and take care of both your body and your mind. When you achieve that balance, your life will improve considerably.

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