Playa Hermosa Has it All and Continues to Make Surfing History

    In Costa Rica, the second year in which Playa Hermosa was named a World Surfing Reserve was celebrated in style...

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    It is no secret to anyone, how wonderful the country of Costa Rica is, it has it all: biodiversity, authentic and successful people, exquisite gastronomy, parks, heritage and places converted into World Reserves, as well as Playa Hermosa.

    Time is running out very quickly, because it has been two years since the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Save the Waves Coalition” declared Playa Hermosa (Garabito) as a World Surfing Reserve, precisely on June 12th, it is the twelfth area of ​​the world and the first in Central America.

    Precisely, this incomparable beach is now a reserve, due to the biodiversity that surrounds it, the constant support of its community, its drive for conservation, and its characteristic waves, which are full of energy.

    The “National Stadium of Surf”, is what its visitors call the beautiful beach. Of course, Hermosa is the most visited beach by Costa Rican and foreign surfers who chase its best waves, mainly in the famous “Beach Break”.

    What is “Save The Waves” in charge of?

    World Surfing Reserves”, is a program of “Save The Waves”, which proactively identifies, designates and preserves exceptional waves, areas and surf environments around the world.

    It serves as a global model for preserving surf breaks and their environment by recognizing and protecting the key environmental, cultural, economic, and community attributes of surf areas.

    As we mentioned before, 12 zones of the world have been declared as World Surfing Reserves, among them: Guarda do Embaú in Brazil, Huanchaco in Peru, Ericeira in Portugal, Punta de Lobos in Chile, and Malibu in California, among others.

    A model of sustainable development

    By the way, of being honored Playa Hermosa, the executive director of the Save The Waves Coalition, NikStrong-Cvetich, said that “Costa Rica is a model of sustainable development that has prioritized the conservation of natural resources, making it a favorite destination for traveling surfers who come to enjoy nature and the rich and warm Tico culture”.

    A tropical paradise, this is Playa Hermosa

    Playa Hermosa, is located in the Puntarenas canton of Garabito, where the recovery of the coastal forest is encouraged, led by the Costas Verdes Association, which has planted more than 30,000 trees with the participation of students and staff from local schools, neighbors, tourists, and companies.

    According to figures from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), 17% of tourists who visited the country by air in the 2017-2019 period practiced surfing and 72% carried out activities related to sun and beach, which reveals the positioning of Costa Rica as a destination suitable for surfing and with internationally recognized beaches.

    Council of Local Stewardship

    It is important to mention, those who make up the Hermosa World Surfing Reserve Coalition, Alejandro Morge and Christina Truitt, both from the Local Administration Council. Each World Surfing Reserve has a Council of Local Stewardship, a group of community members working together to enact a “Stewardship Plan” to address local environmental issues and preserve the local surf ecosystem.

    With regards to this, Alejandro forms parto f the Council, because he wants to protect Playa Hermosa since it has been one of the icons of surf life in Costa Rica. “I have fond memories of discovering Playa Hermosa in the early 1990s as I traveled further and further south. A day at Playa Hermosa is where all the guys and gals are out on the water and having fun riding all kinds of different waves – the brotherhood of locals here in Hermosa feels like no other. Surfing for the local community means a lot because it’s the foundation of our economy here in Playa Hermosa now.”

    For Christina, Hermosa is one of the most consistent surf spots in the world offering quality waves for intermediate and experienced surfers. “A typical day in Playa Hermosa features the hustle and bustle of a local surf community committed to showcasing high-level surfing passion. Serving as a liaison between local government, local businesses and the community is my goal in participating in the efforts of the World Surfing Reserve”.

    Both Alejandro and Christina define what Playa Hermosa is, the pride of Tico and all of Central America, it is the result of working together, the unity to conserve, value and admire.

    Playa Hermosa, is also the place where Resonance is, the retreat center, also ideal for digital nomads working abroad, located in the mountains, surrounded by nature, overlooking the beach.

    It has a yoga terrace that overlooks the sea, two swimming pools, one of their infinity with a view of the sea, luxury rooms, comfort for everyone and if you are looking for something authentic, you can take a hot bath outdoors, overlooking the ocean. peaceful.

    Resonance, has a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, excellent WiFi, a boardroom for meetings, and more…

    Here, like Playa Hermosa, everyone aspires to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of individual gratitude for life.

    And how about you? Do you dare to visit Hermosa, the surfing beach in Costa Rica? Visit on instagram @hermosaworldsurfingreserve and enjoy the content they show about activities and the characteristics of surfing in the area.

    resonance, coworking Costa Rica
    At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. We are co-creating an inspired and integrative community, committed to working, living and learning together. We resonate with that deep longing to belong to the hive and the desire to live the highest version of ourselves in service.
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