Owners Rent Their Electric Cars to Tourists So They Can Enjoy Costa Rica Without Polluting

    Green Circle aims to be recognized as 'the most sustainable experience in the greenest country in the world'

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    Living the experience of sustainable tourism in the greenest country in the world is the objective of the non-profit company Green Circle, which has two aspects of operation.

    On the one hand, there is Green Circle Wheels, which acts as a platform to rent out its zero-emission car to environmentally conscious tourists who want to enjoy the country without leaving a carbon footprint, similar to what happens with the hosting platform, Airbnb.

    “I joined Green Circle because it offers great sustainable potential, it is also a great economic opportunity, I can park my car and rent it when I am not using it and it generates extra income, it is the best of all worlds, it is sustainable and economically attractive” said Eric Orlich, a user of Green Circle Wheels.

    Currently you can drive a Jaguar I-Pace, a BYD Tang, or an AION V, among others. All models are SUVs designed to perform on any terrain and have more than 350 kilometers of autonomy.

    Green Circle Experience

    The second axis is the Green Circle Experience, which will allow tourists to live a green experience in the most sustainable country in the world. Each vehicle must be rented for a minimum of two weeks, at Nature Conservancy.

    electric cars
    electric cars

    “At Maquenque Eco Lodge we try to give back to nature a little of what it gives us, we believe in this environmental education project, we respect the flora and fauna and we try to generate the least impact. As a hotel we give them a personalized treatment and with the commitment to protect and care for nature”, said Oscar Artavia, general manager of Maquenque Eco Lodge located in San Carlos, where they also have charging stations for electric vehicles. The tours that include the hotels and the electric car are predetermined and available from September.

    Conserving nature

    Another of the positive impacts of Green Circle Wheels is helping to conserve nature. The money you invest in the vehicles will go to different eco-friendly and social associations, for example to the protection of jaguars.

    “Green Circle Experience is part of the Edventure Travel company and we invite travelers to come and experience the real Costa Rica in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We want to give this concept a deeper meaning by striving to leave nothing but footprints,” said Ed Smit, founder of Green Circle.

    This project has crossed borders and even National Geographic Traveler in the Netherlands made a report on this initiative. Green Circle was born in 2014 and in 2018 they were the first to rent plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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    Over the years, the number of available vehicles has increased and currently they only operate 100% electric, although they do not rule out using models that are recharged with solar panels or even hydrogen in the future.

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