Peninsula Papagayo Maintains Sustainable Tourism and Real Estate Development

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    Peninsula Papagayo, presented its IV edition of the Sustainability Report with the results obtained during 2021. The company operates attached to a sustainability strategy that generates a positive impact in the environmental, social and economic areas.

    The event was held at the Museum of Guanacaste, Peninsula Papagayo and was presented, together with the Association Growing Together, an organization that leads the social management of the project, the main milestones for 2021.

    At Peninsula Papagayo we have promoted a series of policies and made commitments that we manage to maintain despite difficult situations such as the health crisis due to Covid-19”, said Manuel Ardón, Vice President of Peninsula Papagayo.

    Some of the main achievements highlighted by the organization are:

    In environmental management

    • 59 new terrestrial and marine species identified.
    • More than 4,500 reproduced coral fragments and 950 m2 of intervened area in three coral restoration sites, thanks to the Culebra Reef Gardens project.
    • 260 m2 of marine ecosystems intervened in the international event Coralmanía.
    • 8 Ecological Blue Flag awards in the category: beaches, climate change and protected natural spaces.
    • 20 tons of recycled waste.
    • 16% reduction (90 tons) in the amount of non-recoverable waste.
    • 100% of the residual water is processed in the treatment plants and 100% of the effluent is reused in irrigation of green areas.

    In social management

    — 81% of decision-making positions were held by local people.

    — 11% increase in hiring.

    — 7.6% less incidence of multidimensional poverty in collaborators

    — 141 people benefited from the inauguration of the Corralillo Clinic and the operation of the Community Clinic.

    — 63 new families that activated their economy with the Home Gardens Project


    • 21 educational centers in the circle of influence were supported with materials, supplies, and necessary requirements to meet the demands of the Ministry of Health in returning to face-to-face classes.
    • Connected schools: 10 schools donated infrastructure for internet connection.
    • Books for All: 1,071 students benefited from books for basic subjects.
    • Growing Between Letters: 472 primary school students benefited from tutoring to improve their literacy skills lagged behind by the pandemic.
    • 200 additional tablets and headsets provided to teachers through the ABC Mouse project, so each student has greater access to technology.
    • $260,118 donated for schools, colleges, families and community organizations in the area.

    In economic management

    • 55.36% of spending allocated to local suppliers
    • Development of a marina, a golf course, two hotels, 101 condominium units, 41 residential units and a beach club.

    Sustainability as a way to build a better country and a better world

    “We are convinced that sustainability is the way to build a better country and a better world. Prioritizing the well-being of people, protecting the environment and working in partnership for the development of the communities where we operate are the keys to generating positive value from the companies and contributing from our businesses to having a better quality of life and a better planet,” Ardon added.

    The fourth edition of the report includes the operations of the companies Ecodesarrollo Papagayo Limitada (project developer) and Marina Papagayo Limitada and since its first edition in 2018 it uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards as a reference, to annually report its sustainability performance.

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