5G Will Require a New Profile of Professionals in Costa Rica

    Experts consider that it is necessary to prepare for the day that this technology arrives

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    The arrival of 5G networks in the country will possibly mean the greatest technological change in the last 15 years. From now on, the labor market is also getting ready to develop the new fifth-generation telecommunications professionals.

    Metaverse, augmented reality, autonomous cars, smart meters, remote surgeries, smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT) are just some of the innovations that 5G will drive.

    Although it is a technology that is still somewhat distant in Costa Rica, experts consider that it is necessary to prepare for the day that arrives, although it is estimated that it will take at least 2 years to tender the radio spectrum and another couple more to install the necessary infrastructure.

    To analyze the issue of the future of 5G applications, the Costa Rican Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies (Camtic) organized the activity “Future use cases in Costa Rica and the professionals needed to implement them.”

    Costa Rica needs to take advantage of the 5G technology

    On the subject, Daniel Barboza, business administrator with an emphasis on technology, said during the activity that “Costa Rica needs to start with the implementation of 5G to take advantage of the development of this technology; It is important that the population prepare professionally in STEM areas to achieve the implementation and development of 5G”, recommends the specialist, recalling that Costa Rica is still behind in this matter in relation to other OECD countries.

    But not only specialized human capital will be required, for example, in the placement of radio bases, which is only one of the elements in the fifth generation ecosystem, personnel focused on the placement of fiber optic networks and ductwork will also be needed.

    That in the part of the physical network, in the logical area, technicians will be in charge of developing applications, maintaining the quality and availability of the service and ensuring the security of the links. But professionals in areas like IoT, artificial intelligence, and big data are also going to be needed, just to name a few careers.

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