Driverless Cars on Costa Rican Streets Would Soon be a Reality Thanks to the Convergence Between 5G Network and Wifi 6

    Rodrigo Chaves gave the order to define the opening of more powerful frequencies in six months

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    Experiencing remote-controlled automotive mobility through the streets of Costa Rica would be just one of the many technological innovations that Costa Ricans could soon enjoy with the development of the 5G mobile network, as requested by President Rodrigo Chaves within six months.

    A more robust and powerful internet for telemedicine, blockchain, the internet of things and commercial and entertainment applications of all kinds, is what would be achieved with the convergence of this technology and Wi-Fi 6 band fixed wireless networks, according to several experts.

    This is a technological revolution in Costa Rica that is just around the corner

    To meet this goal, it is only necessary to fulfill the promise to release 5G frequencies as soon as possible and to implement the law to encourage and promote telecommunications infrastructure, which would allow greater external connectivity through the installation of signal-providing devices in any state infrastructure.

    And it is that Wi-Fi 6 technology has the potential to increase the range of data transmitted up to four times more in fixed networks, which makes it an ideal complement to interact with mobile networks offering speed and stability.

    A fundamental complemen

    “Wi-Fi 6 is a fundamental complement to mobile and fixed technology, since they allow the user weave a faster and safer access to data whose amount is constantly increasing, in addition to being used in areas of difficult access for mobile technologies”, comments Edwin Estrada, Director of Development for Central America at NAE.

    Precisely, this ability to unite between the fixed and mobile 5G network promises to be the engine for the development of communications in Costa Rica from the moment the latter comes into force.

    The congruence between both innovations will make a difference in the way we interact with technology, both from a business and residential point of view, under the umbrella of the Internet of Things, according to Juan Manuel Campos, general manager of Cyber ​​Regulation.

    “It is important that the authorities rely on resources such as the recently approved infrastructure law and also properly regulate the radio spectrum so that Costa Ricans can have the same benefits that other nations already enjoy today,” said Campos.

    Manufacturers such as Huawei already have devices in the Costa Rican market such as routers that, taking advantage of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, provide users with connections under the Wi-Fi 6 standard.

    Similarly, this brand, as well as Samsung and Motorola, have made available high-end and premium mobile devices that are already prepared to support 5G technology and at the same time successfully link to these latest-generation fixed networks.

    “Ideal Pair”

    Having digital super highways that will enable new services and uses of technology are part of the benefits that the Wi-Fi 6 fixed wireless network and the 5G mobile network offer together, according to experts from Huawei Costa Rica, as well as Silvia Vargas. , Samsung mobile manager. Enable the advancement of the Internet of Things with more connected devices and the expansion of remote control possibilities.

    Increased upload and download speed

    5G offers high capacity, speed and quality connectivity to people and equipment, while Wi-Fi 6 provides an extension of this speed within infrastructures such as homes, schools, offices and others, complementing each other.

    Both technologies offer higher speed, lower latency and enable new forms of entertainment. At the corporate level, companies will have more opportunities to develop new services and business models.

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