Internet is the Communications Tool Most Used by Costa Ricans

    According to a Recent Study

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    Internet is the medium that leads the consumer tastes of Costa Ricans over traditional media such as television, written press and radio. And this trend deepened during the pandemic. The digital consumption is channeled by the news media, social networks and platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, among others.

    This is clear from the most recent study of media consumption habits carried out by the firm Kantar Ibope Media. Bernal Díaz, regional manager for Costa Rica and Guatemala of this company, explained to  that the study covered a total of 5,000 surveys carried out in the country over one year.

    In this special case, the results cover the period July 2020-June 2021 and are part of the so-called TGI. The TGI is a type of market research that is characterized by carrying out a comprehensive study of people’s lifestyles, media consumption and products.

    The details

    According to the analysis by Kantar Ibope Media, 95.2% of people search for information, watch programs, interact and listen to music – among other activities – just one click away. In this section, more than 1.3 million users assured that they use tools such as their cell phone (68%), the computer (46%) and the tablet (11%).

    This is to access digital content such as videos on demand (subscription content platforms). Likewise, it is rescued that the most used social networks in Costa Rica are WhatsApp (87%), Facebook (82%), YouTube (75%), Instagram (55%), TikTok (31%) and Pinterest (30%).

    Traditional media overview

    The Kantar Ibope Media study also reflects the level of penetration of traditional media among Ticos. After the Internet, broadcast television ranks second with 89.2%, Outdoor advertising (78.5%), Cable television (68.5%), Radio (67.7%), Newspapers (61.7%), Magazines (21.9%), Cinema (15.0%).

    In the particular case of open television, the study found that, although the second quarter of this year registered the highest levels of viewing, these begin to fall in the current quarter. Díaz was emphatic that these results are not synonymous with the fact that conventional ways of consuming information or services are one step away from disappearing.

    Rather, the regional manager emphasizes that Costa Ricans have expanded the range of options. For example: before the Pandemic, studies by Kantar Ibope Media found that Ticos were mainly informed by the traditional means. However, the current context diversified the consumption alternatives to an average of five, including social networks and online media.

    Internet advertising

    This wide penetration of the Internet in the daily life of Costa Ricans has also been understood by those who advertise. For example, the vehicle category presents the highest investment in digital monitoring. The top 5 are completed by banks, fast food, cell phone services and universities. However, the largest advertising investment continues to be absorbed by broadcast television. Cable TV also gets a good chunk, according to Kantar Ibope Media.

    Other research results

    – In June 2021, the highest average of minutes seen on open television was presented.

    – Game shows made a notable difference to the audience.

    – Cable TV features a larger audience of men than women.

    – After the communication effort made in 2020, the investment of the State has fallen significantly in 2021.

    – The categories that increased their investment during 2020 such as coffee, banking services and websites have returned to their normal levels of guideline this year.
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