Your Dream of Relocating to Costa Rica is Now at Your Grasp with the New “Digital Nomad” Special Visa

    The Land of “Pura Vida” awaits you with open arms!

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    The recently passed law that grants visas to digital nomads in Costa Rica allows foreign nationals along with their families to live and work there for a year (extendable), while enjoying the country’s laid-back ‘Pura Vida’ way of life and its wide range of well-being benefits.

    Since the COVID-19 crises started various countries have introduced special visas for remote workers because many have the chance to become digital nomads. Georgia, Estonia and Aruba recently introduced such visas, and now also Costa Rica is getting in on the trend by granting visas those international visitors who wish to carry on their current jobs from here, making it more easier for them to stay.

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    Boosting the tourism sector

    This new visa will boost the tourism sector. Productivity from digital nomads for the country is expected to inject at least 15 million colones per year into the local economy which gives the national government hopes for more in-country jobs.

    “Digital nomads utilize services, consume food, make purchases, utilize transportation, and also hire locals—all of this generates more employment and growth in the country,” the Costa Rica’s President said in a recent statement.

    Currently, digital nomads enter Costa Rica as tourists and must therefore leave the country within 90 days, but with this new visa, the holder along with his/her family can stay in the nation for up to one year, with the option to extend it for an additional year.

    The digital nomad visa, allows the holder to be exempt from paying local income taxes, and is permitted to open a bank account in Costa Rica. They will also continue using their own country’s driving license.

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    How to apply for Costa Rica’s digital nomad visa?

    – You must present proof of an income greater than US$3000 per month to apply; or if you’re traveling with your spouse or family, that income can be combined to US$5000 per month.

    – You’ll need to obtain a medical insurance policy that covers you throughout your stay in Costa Rica, and make a one-time payment for the visa to be issued; though that amount has yet to be determined.

    – Arrivals must complete an online Health Pass before they board their flight, and local restrictions apply in areas with high COVID-19 infection rates. Travelers are advised to stay up-to-date on public health guidelines before traveling to Costa Rica.

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